( 別天地 )

Chapter 17 - Reko

From now on 2x longer chapters

Scene shows Miyuki , Hitsuga and Hisashi walking . Sara is still following them

Hitsuga yawns

Hitsuga : Owwwaaa... I think we should stop here , lets have a snack now. We will stay here for night .

Hisashi's bag falls on the ground from his shoulders

Hisashi : Ahhhhh!!!! Finally !!!

Miyuki : ^^ Agree , we have been walking all day

Hisashi checks his bag

Hisashi : >.< We are out of food here !!!

Hitsuga : Miyuki you have anything left ?

Miyuki picks something from her small bag

Miyuki : These apples will do ^^

Miyuki gives one apple for each

Miyuki : That's all...

Hisashi : <.< but...I hate apples

Miyuki makes angry face

Miyuki : =.=" EAT IT !!!

Hisashi : Gwahh!!! I will I will O.o

Hisashi tastes apple and starts chewing it

Miyuki : Weeeellll... how is it ? =.="

Hisashi makes a forced smile

Hisashi : Ehehehe ... It''s good =Z

Miyuki : ^^ Glad you like it

Miyuki turns to Hitsuga who is holding apple

Hitsuga : o.o" owww... don't worry , I like apples

Hitsuga starts eating

Miyuki : It's all we have anyway.

Hitsuga : We will reach Goteki village by tommorow , it's few hours way from here . We will get some food there .

Sara is watching them while hiding behind the trees

Sara ( thoughts ) : Damn , I can't hear anything . And it's getting dark . >.< I feel hungry

Scene changes to Demon World

Reko , Shat and Ancah have reached some volcano

Reko : We reached our destination . Welcome to Engo , in other words jail of traitors and demons who disobeyed Sathis will .

Shat : Doesn't look like it's protected very good.

Ancah : Should be...

Reko : Yes , it was . Sathis is not in charge anymore . Most of the guards are wiped-out.

Ancah : Who would be so crazy to attack such place ?

Reko : Indeed . No one would . But it can be done from inside .

Shat : hehe , and I think it worked out perfectly .

Reko : Lets go in .

Whey started to walk towards the volcano

Scene changes to Earth

Hitsuga , Miyuki and Hisashi are getting ready to sleep

Hisashi : I know it's really cool to sleep in nature , but come on !!! *he points the ground* What is this ? I wanna real bed >.<

Miyuki : It's your bed . Get used to it

Hitsuga reacts to what Miyuki said

Hitsuga : Hahahahaha xD !!! Wait till tommorow and you will have your bed Hisashi

Hisashi : It's always tomorrow >.>

Miyuki wraps in rug

Miyuki : Good Night guys !!!

Hitsuga leans against the tree

Hitsuga : Sweet dreams Miyuki , Hisashi, I will guard for some time...

Hisashi lie on the ground putting his head on the bag

Hisashi : Eh...Night Miyuki , Hitsuga.

Behind the trees

Sara : Yeah... Good Night to myself

Sara quietly jumps on wide tree branch

Sara : Uhh... I shouldn't have followed them in the first place... I guess I will go on my own way tommorow.

Scene changes to Demon World

Reko , Shat and Ancah are entering the volcano , entrance has huge doors with demon symbols, figures and broken chain over it

Reko blows the door with his leg

All of a sudden demon jumps in front of them

??? : Well well well , and who is so brave to blow my doors and get closer to Engo ?

Reko : hehehehe... who's so brave to ask me that ?

??? : Let's see what you got

Demon vanishes and appears behind Reko hiting him with his right leg

Reko blocks his leg with his right hand

??? : Whoah !!! You r quite strong *smiles*

??? : Kaijin!!!

In split second Reko throws his sword out and rises it in front of demon making it shine in blue energy stoping demons action

Reko : I see you haven't changed a bit

??? : Tch... that's Sword of Iliana... Reko , that's you ?

Reko : That's right brother .

Reko takes his cloak hood off and puts his sword back

Reko : Nice to see you again Tairra

Tairra: hahahahaha !!! So you did killed old gezer as you planned , your plan took a while , was 100 years since our last meeting

Reko : Indeed , my plans worked perfectly , it was time for your jail . How things are here ? Is he still here ?

Tairra: Here ? All the same , except that half guards are dead and my team is controling this place . Yeah , he's still there , thought I haven't checked his place for a while

Reko : Glad to hear everything is in order , take me to him

Tairra: Brother , are you sure about this , if you let him go , we may have quite of a problem .

Reko : I will destroy him if he does anything stupid

Shat : He's not an idiot , he will play cereful , anyway Reko , be on guard

Reko : I know Shat , I saw him in battlefield . Stay here with Ancah.

Tairra: Well as you wish my King , follow me

Reko : Just call me like the old times

Scene changes to Earth

New day has come and team is moving out

Hitsuga : So... how was your night ?

Hisashi : >.< what you mean how was it ? It was horrible...

Miyuki : It was wonderful !!!

Hitsuga : I guess Hisashi you are the only one who didn't like it

Hisashi : Oh... -_- just get going

Scene shows Sara sleeping on the three branch

Sara : *shuuu....shuuu*

3 hours later

Hisashi : I'm starving... Hitsu can you make ice-cream for us ?

Hitsuga : O.o"

Miyuki : Say one more thing about food and I will force to eat GRASS !!!! =.="

Hitsuga : There it is , Welcome to Goteki !!!

Miyuki : Looks kinda empty...

Hisashi : What !!!?? O.O Where we gonna get food !!!??

Miyuki grabs Hisashi over his neck and pushes his face near ground touching grass

Miyuki : What did I tell ya ??!! Stop muttering about food !!!

Hisashi : Ahhh!!! Hmh..ghmm...I don't eat grass !!!

Hitsuga : Stop you two , lets go in

Miyuki lets Hisashi free and they start walking towards the village

Miyuki : Creepy empty village...ugrrrhh

Hisashi : If no ones here , we can have a good look around

Hitsuga : There should be someone , I don't see any fight marks or anything .

Miyuki , Hitsuga and Hisashi are in the middle of street and no one is there , whole street is empty .

Miyuki : Lets walk all over the village .

Suddenly some girl with dark purple hair and purple eyes , in red T-shirt and grey shirt , opens doors one of the house and shouts

??? : Hey !!! Over here !!!

Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga comes near her

??? : Welcome to our village , my name is Deira . I'm sorry but most of the villagers have left for meeting in Atru . They won't be here for couple days .

Miyuki : Hi !!! Deira , nice to meet you !!!

Hitsuga : Hi , thanks for telling us .

Hisashi : Hi Deira ! Can we buy some food here ...somewhere ?

Deira : Come inside , I will make you some tea if you would like to .

Hitsuga : Would be nice , Thank you .

Miyuki : Sweet !

Hisashi : O.O hurry hurry hurry , I'm dieing here !!!

Deira : hehe , you guys are funny , come in .

They all enter Deira's house

Deira : Meet my younger sister Natya .

Deira points her hand to a girl with yellow hair and blue eyes , in dark clothes .

Natya : Hello ^^

Miyuki : Aww...Hi ... you r so cute ^^

Hitsuga : Hi Natya =)

Hisashi : Hello .

Deira : Well take a seat on sofa , I will get some tea

They sit on sofa

Miyuki : So Natya your parents at meeting too ?

Natya makes upset face

Natya : ummm... no, I saw them in pictures only...

Miyuki : oh... I'm so sorry for asking that

Natya : It's ok , my sister said they have gone in the forest to find some medical herbs and never came back...

Hitsuga : it your house ?

Natya : Yes , but it's new , our parents house burned few years ago . Deira saved me from flames . Villagers have biuld this house for us .

Hisashi : It seems nice people live here .

Miyuki : Yeah...

Deira comes in the room

Deira : There's your tea !!! And some cookies

Hisashi : O.O cooookiiiiesss...

Miyuki : Thank you !

Hitsuga : Thanks

Deira sits near them on the sofa

Deira : So which village you r from ?

Hisashi eats cookies

Miyuki : I and Hisashi are from Ashumi .

Hitsuga : I'm from Kanki

Deira : Ashumi ? I heard there happened mysterious things . Kanki O.O That's so far away !!!

Miyuki moves her eyes down

Miyuki : Yeah , there happened few...

Hitsuga : It is ? xD I thought it's close , hehe

Deira : xD , so why you came here ?

Hitsuga : mmm...well we are traveling , we wanted to get some supplys here and move on , but since villagers are not here , we would like to stay here for couple days .

Deira : Oh, I won't bother ya with questions ^^ You can stay in my house , second floor is free

Hisashi eats cookie and mutters

Hisashi : that's... great...!

Miyuki : =.=" be more polite , we are guests

Miyuki smacks Hisashi head with hand

Hisashi : Guh !

Hisashi chokes with a cookie

Miyuki : Ops !

Miyuki punches him over the back

Hisashi : *cought* Thanks ... thought it's your fault >.>

Hitsuga : Between, have you noticed anything weird around these days , around 2 days ago ?

Deira ( thoughts ) : What ?! That's exactly when I...

Deira : No we did not .

Natya turns at Deira

Natya : No.

Hitsuga : I see, well it's nothing important

Meanwhile on the three branch

Sara is waking up

Sara : Uhh...

She starts moving while still sleepy and falls from the branch on the ground

Sara : Ahhhh !!! *crash* au auuuuchiess... -_-

Sara ( thoughts ) : Oh no !!! I'm being loud !!!

She shows her head over bush and checks for Shadow Reapers , who she was following

She notices that there's no one there

Sara : O.O" I lost them... ?

Meanwhile in Demon World

Reko and Tairra standing in front of the entrance in volcano's heart

Tairra: Should I go with you ?

Reko : No , I will go alone

Reko opens doors and hot air blows from volcanos heart

Tairra: Don't die yet brother...

Reko : Sure...

Reko walks in

He starts walking down the stairs , stairs follows volcano's hearts side and lasts till prisoners lock , it is all the way down the volcano

After some time , he reaches prisoners lock

Prisoner is a demon , he's hanging over lava tied up with chains on his arms which is fasted to volcanos sides , all his body is wraped with chains , his eyes and mouth are covered with metal mask

Prisoner : What do you want ?

Reko : I have an offer

Next time : Chapter 18 - Empty village

Attacks :

*Kaijin- - complete destruction, details unknown