I used to listen to awfully almost any band but I've became picky and narrowed down bands I'd support and favorite. But eventually, I got tired from the International bands I used to support like Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Sum 41, Sugar Ray etc.

Now, I'm into these j-band/s after I got into anime/manga. Same process happened. I listened to any j-bands, solo artist/s and groups coming from anime and j-movies; later eventually became picky and found artists I'd support, hoping I don't get tired of them though in the future.
  • girugamesh
  • Sel'm
  • Aldious
  • R-Shitei
  • - OZ -
  • exist†trace
  • Dir en Grey
  • the GazettE
  • Fukuwa (Nico Nico Singer/Utaite)