Title: Ichiraku Ramen Bar Miscellaneous
Author: syncro-miso

Rating: K+

Genre: friendship, humor

caracters: Sasuke, Naruto, Rock Lee, Shikamaru

Summary: Ichiraku Ramen Bar is mostly known as Naruto's favorite place, but it is also where Konoha's ninjas eat, talk and hang out. In two one-shots, we discover another side of the popular restaurant, in company of Naruto, Shikamaru, Rock Lee and Sasuke.

A/N: This a FANFIC COMPETITION between a friend and me. Basically, we chose many (or not so many) common characteristics for our oneshots and wrote two separated fanfics (one written by syncro, the other one by miso(me)).

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PREVIEW from Konoha’s Green Beast’s Ramen Shop
By : Syncro

That year, as the first sun of the month of July rose up; a loud noise awakened half of the village of Konoha. It was a cry filled with desperate anger, the kind of sound that comes up from the shock of finding out that your father just passed away and left you with the smallest part of his heritage.

Strangely, that was close to what happened to a young man that morning, somewhat…. in a small ramen shop filled with only four people. How could they make so much noise?

“WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD MAN!!? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TAKING HIS PLACE? You better tell me thick eyebrows or I’ll teach you a new jutsu right away. Believe me; you don’t want to know what one thousand years of pain is.”

That was word for word what a blond guy with an orange outfit yelled at another one who wore a green apron with ‘enjoy the spring of youth’ written on it in bold black letters.

“Stop, Naruto! It’s going to get troublesome”, a black haired youth named Shikamaru interfered while robbing his eyes like he finally awoke from a far away dream.

He tried to separate the two guys who were arguing by putting himself in front of the apron guy named Rock Lee and trying to push off the blond one, Naruto, with absolutely no apparent willingness.

That didn’t work out very well…poor Shikamaru had to endure the loud, now squeaky voice, of the angered Naruto just beside his ears and the fired up Lee who could rise the temperature of the room just with his fiery eyes. No need to say that he deeply regretted following Naruto to Ichiraku’s, changed to Konoha’s Green Beast’s, ramen shop, that morning at an hour when he usually is still sleeping. If only his mother didn’t hear the loud ninja inviting him…he wouldn’t have been forced to come…


PREVIEW from Something Missing in the Ramen
By: Miso

Shikamaru woke up, cold and stiffen. His eyes were still closed, but he knew he was laying on the bare ground, head facing the sky, somewhere close to a peaceful training ground. It was probably already night, although he guessed that it wasn't late enough for having to worry about robbers or bounty hunters. He realized that he had probably got waken up by the cold, and he was thoughtfully analyzing the pros and the cons of bringing a blanket next time for his afternoon nap. Just when he started feeling sleepy again, two rough fingers managed to pull his left eye's lids open. A blue eye was staring at him.

“Oi, Bushy brows, do you think he's dead?” a very easy to recognize voice asked.

“Naruto, he's resting,” the only one, besides Gai-sensei, who could be called by a name having something to do with eyebrows, replied. “In order to be youthful, you need to have your share of sleep.”

Finally opening his eyes, Shikamaru looked at both of them, and yawned.

“How troublesome... You guys interrupted my nap.”

“Hey, we were going to get some ramen, do you want to come with us Ponytail boy?” Naruto eagerly proposed.

“Yare yare... I'll go, I need to go to the bathroom anyway... Next time don't wake me up though...”


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