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Thread: Slayer mages

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    Slayer mages

    On base of joke.. but who knows.

    We currently have got 3 types of slayer mages (dragon slayer, God slayer and single one dragon slayer), so what kind of sub-types has more chance for debut and have we any possibility for new type of slayer mages ?

    As joke and not only it.
    My vote: Max defeats Azir and transforms into sand golem slayer xD

    P.S. Mashima onetime had planned to bring water dragon slayer. But currently we've Wendy.

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member Nemispelled's Avatar
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    Re: Slayer mages

    Ah, a cool joke lol. If you ask my opinion, my vote goes to a blood human slayer. If you ask who and how that would happen, I honestly would not know.

    However, push comes to shove, probably either from one of the Spriggans left to see or maybe a plot twist of Hyberion turning against Ishgar. Since apparently, Hyberion is the only one who seems to know God Serena's location.

    If the plot twist goes as suspected, then I believe Hyberion has fooled Ishgar. Probably by capturing God Serena and then coming up with an excuse that God Serena betrayed Ishgar just for the conveniences of the situation and the conflict between Ishgar and Alvarez. Now he is a human slayer and has all the humans from Alvarez and Ishgar at his mercy since God Serena may have been the only TWS to stop it. Ahahahahaha lol

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