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Thread: Dirge Macabre: The Seras Victoria Story. (Hellsing Fanfic)

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    Dirge Macabre: The Seras Victoria Story. (Hellsing Fanfic)

    Introduction: About six or seven years ago I started writing a Hellsing fanfic based off of the anime from the perspective of Seras Victoria. It was probably my favorite show at that time due to the vampire theme and the violence. Sadly I don't know what happened to what I originally wrote. So here I am restarting it from scratch. What I have so far I would rate as being Teen if I keep up with the spirit of Hellsing it will evolve into a Mature rating. Please let me know what you think about it any and all tips, hints and/or suggestions will be appreciated. So without further ado I present to you...
    Edit(Some other info I forgot to include):Vampirism, as far as true vampires go, in this fic are based loosely off of vampires from World of Darkness' Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem. Secondly, I know that not describing characters in written text is generally frowned upon. So I'm sorry to those of you who have never seen/read Hellsing, but I won't be describing Seras for two reasons, first because its from her point of view and she more or less knows what she looks like, secondly because she's a vampire and as such will not see her reflection.

    Dirge Macabre: The Seras Victoria Story

    By: Teranz

    Episode Zero: Omega Game

    She was cold. It wasn’t a normal cold she knew that much. It was

    the chilling dirge of the grave.

    ‘No I can’t die,’ she thought, ‘I’m too young. There’s still so much I

    haven’t done. No, no, no, not yet! God, how did this go so wrong? It

    should’ve been easy. The local priest had gone mad and was killing the

    townsfolk. He was insane, ruthless, but just a normal priest, right?

    Then how come the DEAD started rising from the grave? It makes no

    sense. The living dead was just fantasy, right? RIGHT? Oh god, the

    pain! Please stop! Its too much! The blood. Her fellow officers being

    slaughtered by people who should’ve been dead. Their guns useless.

    Why did I run? I could’ve helped…somehow. Or would I just die there

    instead of here? The cold, its gone. Is death finally coming to take me?

    No, the agony is still there. Then why is it gone? Where did that red

    light come from? So warm…I must be dying. Its getting closer. There’s

    a man in the light. Heh, so the reaper is real. Hell of a time to find out.’

    “Do you want to live,” asked a comforting baritone voice.

    She tried to answer yes, but her voice wasn’t working so she simply


    “Even if it damns you?”

    ‘Damns me,’ she questioned herself.

    She wanted to scream, ‘I don’t care. I just want to live.’ But she

    only nodded. Again she couldn’t find her voice.

    “Very well,” the baritone voice simply said.

    The last thing she felt was two pinpricks and then immense ecstasy.

    Status of next chaper: Rough draft phase. Estimated time 2~ days.
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