( 別天地 )

Chapter 18 - Empty village

And so the day in Goteki village have passed and Hisashi could finally sleep in normal bed as he wished , it seems that they have met new friends , but Hitsuga felt that something is not right with this village, he felt weak presence of darkness...

At night in Deira's room

Deira is sleeping

Deira : uh...

Suddenly she opens her eyes shocked , she starts sweating

Deira : *pant* *pant*


It's a night... full moon , somewhere in forest

About 12 years old girl running...

Deira : No!!! Stay away from me !!!

Someone : You know you can't hide from me

Deira stops and turns around and screams

Deira : I don't need you , I'm nothing like you !!!!!

She stand still and quiet for few seconds

Someone : will ,one day...eventually...

Deira falls on her knees and starts crying

Deira : ...why...

End of Flashback

In the morning

Miyuki wakes up

Miyuki : *yawn* Good Morning

She notices that Hisashi is sleeping and Hitsu is not in his bed

Miyuki comes near Hisashi's bed

Miyuki : Wake up !!!

She pokes him with finger few times

Hisashi : Aaaaaaahhhh !!!! Stay away monster !!!!! O.O

Miyuki : =.=" What did you said ?

Hisashi :'s you ,no nothing, it's just a bad dream

Miyuki : =\ So you couldn't sleep well too ?

Hisashi : Yeah... where's Hitsu ?

Miyuki : I don't know , get up...

They enter main room where Deira , Natya and Hitsu were

Hitsuga : Oh , Good Morning !

Miyuki : Morning everyone !

Hisashi : Morning...

Deira : hehe ^^ Tea is waiting for you

Natya : Morning ! Would you like to check our village today ?

Deira : If they want to , but only the southern part...

Hitsuga : Sure, would be great !

Miyuki : Of course =)

Hisashi : *yawn* sure...

After some time friends have finished their breakfast and got ready to go around the village

Hitsuga : Thanks for beeing so nice to us =)

Deira : When I saw you I felt you r friendly people ^^

Miyuki : Did you friends left for that
meeting too ?

Deira : My friends... ? , yeah they did...

Hitsuga : I see. Anyway, we would like to continue our journey tomorrow . We should pack some supplys today

Deira : Sure, take your bag with you .

Natya : Shall we go now ?

Miyuki : Sure lied the way Nat =)

And so they left Deira's house for a walk in the village

Scene changes to Demon World

Reko is comming back from prisoner's lock in volaco's heart

Shat and Tairra are waiting for him few metres away from doors

Shat : Well, how was it ?

Reko : I gave him time to think...

Tairra: What if he refuses ?

Reko : We will leave him imprisoned . Any news from our little friends ?

Shat makes a smile

Shat : We have very intresting news for you.

Reko : I'm listening.

Scene changes to Human world

After couple hours friends have almost finished their small tour in Goteki village Southern side

Hisashi : What's that ?

Hisashi points to a stone bunker with metal doors , Goteki is written on the doors

Deira : Oh, I don't really know , but villagers never let anyone go there, must be something important.

Hisashi : Weird...

Hitsuga : Hmmm...

Suddenly Deira stops

Deira : Ok. Our little tour ends here, I will go ask to pack some food for you. Wait here !

Deira and Natya runs away with a bag .

Miyuki : This village sure is big... if this was only a part of it.

Hitsuga : Something bothers me about this place since we came here...

Hisashi : <.< please ...don't say it's demons

Hitsuga : No, it's something else

Miyuki : You scare me Hitsu...=\

Hitsuga : I feel some weak energy in north, lets go

Miyuki : But Deira told us to not go there... =\

Hitsuga : It may be important for us, as Shadow Reapers.

Miyuki : Well...okey

And so they went to Northern side of the village .

Meanwhile Deira and Natya reaches food seller

Seller notices them and shouts with angry voice

Seller : What do you want !?

Deira : ...Hi Shu... please pack this bag with food . My friends will pay .

Deira gives him empty bag

Shu : What friends ?

Shu takes bag

Deira : They came to the village yesterday .

Seller : What !? Have you forgot what village heads told you ?! Send them to me , I will give them anything they need.

Natya : But...

Seller : I know , you feel sad about this ,'s for your own good

Deira looks upset

Deira : ...

Seller : Be happy that we left Natya with you... I will pack this bag... But bring those people to me.

Deira and Natya stands quiet for a few seconds and walks away

Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga came to Northern side of the village

Hisashi : O_o What the hell happened here?

Miyuki : How...

Hitsuga touches dark ground

Hitsuga : Something huge happened here... energy around this place is still terrible... it seems it happened not so long ago... maybe few days ago

Hisashi : Demons ?

Hitsuga : I guess...

Miyuki : ...I wish this whole demon story was just a nightmare

Scene shows village from the sky view . About ten buildings are totally destroyed and many around are demaged . Whole place is black and empty.

Deira and Natya returns to the place where Miyuki , Hitsuga and Hisashi supposed to wait .

Deira : Where did they go ?!

Natya : I think they went there...

Natya points to North

Deira :

Scene changes to Demon World

Reko and Tairra are talking with smaller demon

Reko : Understood ?

Demon : Yes

Reko : Failure is not an option ! Go...

Right after that small demon leaves

Tairra: That's risky...

Reko : It wasn't in my plans afterall. But if we succeed at this , my future plans may work out easier .

Scene ends with Shadow Gates opening somewhere

Next time : Chapter 19 - Unfulfilled Promise