( 別天地 )

Chapter 19 - Unfulfilled Promise

Previously on Bettenchi

Shadow Reapers : Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga came to Goteki village and met two sisters , named Deira and Natya . It appeared that village is almost empty , villlagers have left for important meeting .
Deira and Natya have became their friends very fast . But there was something mysterious about the village . Deira did not wanted Shadow Reapers to go to Northen side of the village , but Hitsuga felt they must go there . And so they did, they went to Northern side and noticed destroyed area surrounded by terrible energy.
In the Demon World ,Reko - 7th King of the Demons was putting his plans into action. In the end of the latest chapter , Shadow Gates appeared...

Deira : No... they shouldn't have go there

Natya : Then we will have to tell them everything

Deira : ...they won't understand, they will hate me just like others

Natya is upset

Natya : Deira...

Scene changes to Northern side of the village

Hisashi : What should we do about this ?

Hitsuga : We have to ask Deira about this and wait for the rest of the villagers .

Miyuki : Lets go , I don't feel so good in this place

Hitsuga : Yes, lets go ask Deira about this

They are walking back , away from North

Suddensly they hear an explosion

Hitsuga : !!! You felt it ?

Miyuki makes serious face

Miyuki : ...demons

Hisashi : What are we waiting for ? Lets go and beat them up !!!

Hitsuga : Be ready to release... Lets split up . Hisashi you go right , Miyuki you go left , I will go straight.

Hisashi : Right

Miyuki : Yes

And so they split up running in different directions.

Scene changes to Deira and Natya

Deira : !!! What was that ?!!!

Natya : ... I'm afraid

All of a sudden building not far away from them blows away and falls apart rising dust

Deira : W...whats going on !!!?

Suddenly Miyuki jumps near them

Miyuki : Deira ! Take Nat and go away from here , it's too dangerous to stay here... and no time to explain!!! Go !!!

Deira : A...bu..t...okey...

Deira take Natya's hand and runs away from Miyuki

Miyuki closes her eyes for few seconds and opens them saying

Miyuki : *Nekkuresu-houmen !!!

Wings appeared on Miyuki's back

While Deira is running ,she felts the energy

Deira ( thoughts ) : That...that feeling...what is this ?

Miyuki : Well , are you going to hide there ?

After Miyuki asks , Shat comes

Shat : Ah... so this is how it feels standing in front of a Shadow Reaper...

Miyuki : Go back from where you came , or...

Shat : ..or what ? You r going to kill me ? Hmh, that's so not nice from you , you should welcome guests , not scare them away.

Miyuki : You and your firends are not welcome here .

Shat : hmh... you don't even know how much our worlds are connec... !!!

Suddenly from of fist red energy hits Shat blowing him away

Hisashi jumps in the battlefield

Hisashi : He sure likes talking

Shat falls on the ground and right before he stands up , Hitsuga appears behind putting his hands on Shat's head

Hitsuga : Furi-zu !!! Time to drop the heat !!!

Shat's body slowly covers with ice

Hitsuga puts his hands away

Hitsuga : Aisu-kurisutaru...

Hitsuga makes spear shaped ice and stabs throught the ice and Shat's body

Shat : Not bad... very good I have to say.

Shat walk slowly few metres away

Miyuki : O_o wha...?

Hisashi : did you ?

Hitsuga : hmh...

Hitsuga hits the ice and it falls into small peaces

Shat : That was a fake me... it is one of my abilitys, I was born from "LIES" .
I suppose you have no idea what I'm talking about, heh . You guys still have a lot to learn.
Each demon is born from humans feelings, emotions and acts... hate , anger , madness , sadness, revenge... mostly it's negative.

Miyuki : Kieru !!!

Miyuki shoots yellow ball shaped light into Shat

It hits Shat and blows half of his body ( right hand , head , chest )

Body falls on the ground and turns into black dust

Shat : mmm... you r not even asking my name, I'm dissapointed.

Shat appears behind them

Hisashi runs near Shat and attacks

Hisashi : Shiro Akari !!!

Hisashi punches Shat in his face with right hand , blowing demon few metres away on the ground

Shat falls on the ground and five ice shaped spears stabs his body in different places ( head , shoulder , shect , leg , neck )

Suddenly Shat appears in the ari falling down

Shat : My name is Shat and I think chat time is over !!! Banryoku !!!

Shat lands on the ground with his two legs in the midle where Shadows Reapers were standing , and by landing energy force comes from his body and blows away Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga

Miyuki : uh...!!!

Miyuki uses her wings to not lose the balance , but still she is pushed away

Hisashi : Ghh...!!!

Hisashi's hands covers in red energy and he puts them in ground to not get blown away by force

Hitsuga gets blown away , but he manages to keep the balance in the air , so he uses his kigai to make ice spear rain over Shat

Shat : Guhh!!!

Shat got stabbed with spears

Shat : Huh ! You really got me , I was careless... Anyway , you guys should have protected the ones around you more... heh , you have failed , and we have succeeded

Miyuki : !!! O_o Daira !!! Natya !!!

They run as fast as they can to find the sisters

They run whole street and finds them

Hitsuga : ...

Miyuki : Deira !!!

Hisashi : Natya...

Deira is standing , dust clouds is all over the place , they berely see Deira there

Suddenly small demon sneaks behind Deira

He's holding a small dark energy ball in his right hand

Demon ( thoughts ) : This should put you in a good mood... heheheh

Demon rises hand with that ball and hits Deira's chest , inserting the energy inside her body

Deira : !!! Uh...

Deira falls on her kness

All of a sudden dust clouds gets blown away

Hitsuga : !!! It's the same energy as in Northen village side

They notices Natya on the ground near Deira

Miyuki : Nat...!!!

Hisashi : What's happening ?

Deira stands up, tears comes from her eyes . Black tattoos appears on her left body side ( left hand , left face side ) and by each second those black lines covers more of her body .

Deira's Flashback

Deira and Natya are standing in the forest at night

Natya : You are my sister and I will always love you no matter what...

Deira : Me too, and I will always protect you no matter what...

End of the flashback

Deira ( thoughts ) : ...everyone hates me, fears me... avoids me...ignores me... no friends... no parents... and now... no sister , I have failed to protect her...

Voice inside Deira's mind : let me help you to forget this pain...

Deira looks at Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga, tears are falling from her face

Deira : Goodbye...

Deira : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

Hitsuga : O_O Miyuki , Hisashi take cover !!!

Scene ends with huge dark purple explosion covering half of the village


Tryed to draw the background , but failed kinda , I will redraw Deira with no background next week

Next time : Chapter 20 - Revenge , Anger , Sadness

Attacks :

*Nekkuresu-houmen - necklace release
*Furi-zu - freeze , with this ability user can froze opponent's body parts .
*Aisu-kurisutaru - ice crystal , user concentrates his kigai and makes spear shaped ice . User can throw it and stab the enemy .
*Kieru - to vanish, yellow ball shaped light, causes high damage to opponet's body .
*Shiro Akari - white light , gathers kigai in one of your body part ( leg ,hand , fist etc ) . May couse high psychical damage . Stronger Akari version ( works only part-released )
*Banryoku - brute force , blows everyone away around the user