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Thread: Claymore Chapter 93 Review By Super Angillis

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    Claymore Chapter 93 Review By Super Angillis

    Claymore Chapter 93- Apostles Of Despair

    The Players-

    Claire- Our heroine. Has a tendency of getting herself into huge trouble. I’d say her current situation counts. Let’s see if her usual way of getting out, cutting something to tiny pieces, works this time.

    Riful- The Abyssal One of the west. Also in trouble. But probably not as much as Claire. She must really be appealing to the Lolicons with this chapter.

    The Sisters- Listen when we finally get an actual name I’ll use it. But we’re still waiting on that one. Anyways this is the trouble Claire has gotten herself into, and it’s literally big trouble.

    Everyone Else- Helen, Deneve, Cynthia, Yuma, Dauf, Raki, Alicia, Beth, and a bunch of Abyssal Eaters. I don’t think I forgot anyone.

    Despair Awakens-
    In a town Priscilla is telling Raki that something terrible has awakened. A being with no hunger, but also no desire to live, a creature of pure despair. Elsewhere, Riful senses this as well and says she now understands why Renee chose to run, taking her chances that she could escape. Helen and Deneve are heading towards it since Deneve sensed Claire. Cynthia senses them, and decides to have her and Yuma release their Yoki so Helen and Deneve can find them, and to fix Yuma’s leg.
    We open this chapter by showing various characters sensing the sisters awakening. This has a few interesting moments. Priscilla describes the new being as a being of despair. I doubt this means it’s going to be suicidal and just let someone kill it though. Things could be very ugly if, for example it wanted to spread it’s despair, or make others share in it. Riful realizes why it is Renee ran, and comments on it. Some people think that this means Riful caught Renee, but I don’t. We don’t see any sign of Renee, and Riful has talked to herself like she was talking to someone else before. Look at when she first sensed Alicia, way back. The last major development in this section is that Yuma and Cynthia have released their Yoki. So now the only cloaked ghosts are Miria and Tabitha, and I don’t see that lasting long.

    The Goddesses of Despair, and the Lone Warrior.
    A voice is asking Claire who she is, telling her not to be devoured. Claire states who she is, and emerges from the flesh of the new being. Her sword and clothes soon follow. And we see the form the sisters have taken, a cathedral sized dark mockery of the twin goddesses.
    Fan service! Seriously the way Claire emerges from the flesh of the sisters is interesting. If you look closely she was actually fused with it, and seems to have reformed her body. Some people are wondering if this means that Claire no longer has Teresa’s flesh, and Irene’s arm. But I think she still does, it’s just that she was merging, but stopped it, and was expelled. It’ll be interesting to see if this has any future significance. And the fact that the sisters have taken a form that resembles the twin goddesses stature has to be significant. I wonder if they aren’t going to be like an evil version of the goddesses, bringing destruction and pain to the world rather than love.

    Fools Rush In, And The Feast Of Fools
    Cynthia finishes healing Helen’s eye and Helen and Deneve take off to save Claire. Cynthia is not optimistic about the chances of survival. As for Riful and Dauf, they’re discussing the new being. Riful figures she won’t have any chance to beat it soon, so she and Dauf decide to just call it a day, and leave the sisters alone. Riful decides to get dressed, but Dauf is missing her dress, and his hand. The Abyssal eaters have found them. Two of them take Riful’s arm, but she kills them easily. Riful kills still more of the AE’s, but one takes a bite out of her head. So Dauf smashes it, and Riful kills it after it regens. Then Alicia and Beth show up to attack.
    We get some nice characterization with Riful and Dauf here. We see Dauf’s concern for Riful, and see that she is touched by this. Riful also show’s that she’s no fool, as rather than risk a battle she might not win, she instead decides to just leave. But that won’t be so easy, now will it as Riful has her first run in with Abyssal Eaters, and does very well. The strange nature of her body makes it so that having a bite taken out of her head is no big deal, and she kills them very quickly with her ribbons. I’m sure that if the organization wanted to wear her down like Isley, they would eventually be able to do so. But even though more than half the AE’s were killed they didn’t retreat. That’s because the org is instead going to use Alicia and Beth. One thing is sure, by the time this is done there will be one less Abyssal level being on the island.

    In Conclusion-
    Well Battles are joined. This shows us who will be fighting who for the next few chapters. Still no sign of Miria and Tabitha yet. Hopefully we’ll finally get an actual name for the fused form of the sisters.
    Winner Of The Month-

    Riful, for having a bite taken out of her head, and acting like it was nothing. She’s going to be damn hard to actually kill if she doesn’t have an exploitable weak spot.
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    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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