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Thread: The End of Bleach

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    The End of Bleach

    This is my first FanFic! Im sorry if its bad!!!
    If you dont keep up with the latest Bleach Manga chapter please dont read it! >.<
    It contains several spoilers for those non-manga readers!! (It starts off where Starrk Releases)
    I set it up differently then most people, if you dont like it, sorrry! >w<

    please enjoy!!! (the titles and chapter numbers are fake :P)

    Bleach Chapter 352: Make Way

    A large explosion from where Starrk and Lilynitte stand.
    Kyoraku: Seems like he's finally getting serious...
    From the large cloud of dust/reaitsu Starrk apears.
    Starrk: This is my Resurrection. 'Los Lobos'
    Starrk is holding what seems to be a gun.
    Kyoraku: That gun shoots Cero's doesnt it?
    Starrk: .. Yes, buts thats not all it can shoot
    Kyoraku: .. You're a bad li--
    An enormous spiritual pressure is felt
    Kyoraku/Ukitake: ...?!
    A Garganta begins to open beneath Aizen
    An unknown Arrancar begins to emerge. The Arrancar's mask covers almost all of his face, only a little of his forhead shows through, he has pink hair *scene style* it very large and has enormous volume, his uniform is mostly formfitting, the sleves become very loose towards the elbow and down to the wrist, a diamond shape cut-out at this chest is outlined in black, the top half of his uniform runs down black, meeting the diamond.
    Bleach Chapter 353 : Smart-Mouth Bass

    Starrk: ... What.. is he doing here?!
    Kyoraku: ..He?
    Starrk: I shouldnt be telling you, but tha--
    The unknown Arracnar uses Sonido and appears behind Kyoraku.
    Kyoraku: ..?!!
    The Arrancar grabs Kyuraku's right arm and with no effert rips it off
    Kyoraku: Arrg!!
    Starrk: ... Kisa...Mori....
    Kyoraku begins to fall to the ground.
    Ukitake: Kyoraku!!
    Kisamori, the previously unknown arrancar, appears in front of Ukitake, impaling him through the chest.
    Ukitake: Agg!
    Kisamori begins a Cero
    Ukitake: Shit!!
    -Scene Change/ Soifon-
    Soifon appears from the debris..
    Soifon: What is this large spiritual presure?! I can barely stand!
    Soifon looks behind her in time to see an enormous red cero come from the sky, obliterating the second pillar.
    Soifon: ...?!?!
    Barragan: Heh... So that brat decided to show up...
    Soifon: ...shit!
    Barragan: I guess since you are going to die anyway, i'll let you in on a little secret.
    Soifon: ...?
    Barragan: That guy over there that shot the cero... That's Kisamori Envie.
    Soifon: And why dos this concern me? My battle is with you.
    Barragan: Once he finish those captains over there, he will come for you next. Wheither we are still battling or not.
    Soifon: Heh, are you saying he's too much for me?
    Barragan: Of course he is...
    Soifon: ...?
    Barragan: He is the only member of the Espada, that is a Vasto Lorde.
    Soifon: ...Wha...t?!
    Barragan: Aizen has kept him such a secret all I know about him is his name. Now i suggest you hurry things up, before he comes.

    Bleach Chapter 354: BiG KiD, small ADULT.

    -Scene Change/Kisamori-
    Kisamori stands alone in a thick cloud of dust.
    Starrk: Kisamori... what are you doing..?
    Kisamori doesnt answer, he doesnt even turn around.
    Kisamori's fist starts to glow.
    Boom! Kisamori fires a bala towards the ground.
    Kyoraku appears from the debris on the ground.
    Kyoraku: Damn... he's a toughie...
    Ukitake appears beside him
    Ukitake: This isnt a laughing matter... this guy is seriously stong...
    Kyoraku: I guess i should use my Ban-Kai
    Ukitake: No, not yet. Not when you dont have to..
    Kyoraku:... Something wrong?
    Ukitake: No... its just tha--
    Kisamori appears in front of Ukitake
    Ukitake: Shit!!
    Kyoraku: Ukitake!
    Kisamori grabs Ukitakes head
    Kyoraku slashes at Kisamori
    Kisamori blocks it with his oter arm
    Kisamori: ....
    A large cloud of dust shoots into the sky..
    -Scene Change/Hitsugaya-
    Hitsugaya: Whats going on over there?!
    Halibel twitches
    Slice! The ice shatters!
    Hitsugaya: What the-?!
    Halibel appears from where the ice tower once stood.
    Halibel: Did you think that would kill me...? Little boy?
    Hitsugaya: ... I guess not..
    Halibel: La Gota!
    Hitsugaya doges it easly
    Hitsugaya: How many times do i have to say it? If you keep using weak water attacks like that! You wont be able to defeat me!!
    Halibel: I see...
    Bleach Chapter 355: Grown Insane.

    -Scene Change/Ukitake-
    Kisamori looks puzzed, Ukitake and Kyoraku are no where to be seen.
    Kyoraku: Well, well!
    Ukitake: Kyoraku... dont get to cocky...
    Kyoraku: C'mon now! He isnt that tough!
    Ukitake: Really? What about your arm!?
    Kyoraku: And what about your stomach..?
    Ukitake glares at Kyoraku..
    Kyoraku: You see, ehh, Kisamori. You cant damge us quite that easily....
    Ukitake and Kyoraku step alittle closer.
    Ukitake: I dont think he gets it...
    Kyoraku: Lets just show him...!
    Ukitake and Kyoraku grab their injuries.
    Blood squirs onto the ground.
    Their injures begin to glow.
    Kyoraku's arm begins to become visable.
    Ukitake's wound and cloths begin to turn back normal.
    Kyoraku: You see, being the two strongest captains, under the commander that is, we have certain abilites that regular shinigami dont.
    Ukitake: ... Kyoraku... dont give it all away..!
    Kyoraku: Aww shut up!!!
    Kisamori Sonido's in front of Ukitake
    Ukitake and Kyoraku appear behind Kisamori
    Kyoraku: Too slow...
    Ukitake: ..Big guy.
    Kisamori stabs the air, it slipts open and 'peices' of the sky fly out
    He retracts his arm, a large white twisted bone-like armor covers his arm, from his hand to his shoulder. A part raises out and reches to his head.
    Kisamori: .... This is my...
    Kisamori: Zanpakuto...

    Bleach Chapter 356: The End Pt. 1: Escape

    -Scene Change/Aizen-
    Aizen: Looks like he finally made it...
    Gin: I wonda whats gonna happen now!
    Aizen: The shinigami will lose, of course.
    Gin: Well i new dat! I mean right now!
    Aizen: We do nothing... we will stay and watch them fall..
    Aizen lifts his arm up.
    Aizen: Bakudo 13: Toppuu *Gust*
    In an instant the fire prison dissappears.
    Gin: Wow Aizen-sama! U ser are strong!
    AIzen: Yes, Gin. I am.
    -Scene Change/Soifon-
    Soifon: So that Kisamori guy is the only Vasto Lorde huh?!
    Barragan: Please, be quiet now. Respira!
    Soifon: Shit!
    Soifon reappears 50 meters
    The Respira has already caught up to her
    Soifon: Shit!!
    Soifon uses Shunpo again.
    Soifon *thinking* This bankai is so heavy.. i cant escape!
    Soigon looks down
    Soifon: ..huh?
    Her left leg falls off.
    Soifon: SHIT!!!
    Barragan: It seems that your Bankai actually cripples you, this fight will be easy after all.
    Soifon: Fuck you! Hado 75! Tsubame! *Swallow*
    A large hole appears begin Barragan
    Barragan: What is this...?
    Soifon *thinking* shit i have to act fast!
    Soifon: Step 1! Kusari! *chain*
    100 large metal chains fly out of the hole.
    Barragan: Hmm?
    The chains wrap around Barragan.
    Soifon: Step 2! *cough* Biki! *Pull*
    The chains retract back into the hole extremly fast, snapping through Barrgan.
    Soifon: ..?!
    Barragan: Hmmm, are you blind? I am made of bone... How can you kill something that is not alive..?
    Shards of bone hang in the sky. They start to come back to Barragan.
    Barragan: Even if you cut off my head, i shall simply put my self back together..
    Soifon: Shit..!
    Barragan: This is the end for you, Shinigami.
    Barragan apears behind Soifon.
    Soifon: SHIT!!!

    Bleach 357 : The End Pt. 2 Line in the SKY.
    -Scene Change/Halibel-
    Halibe: I shall have to teach you...
    Hitsugaya: ..?
    Halibel: Cristalina Guarnición.. *Crystal Lining*
    Halibels sword** starts to glistin.
    Hitsugaya: ...?!
    A large chain of Iceicals shoot from Halibels sword. They blot out the sun.
    Halibel: Is this a weak water attack..?
    A large formation of Ice in the sky.
    -Scene Change/Starrk-
    Starrk: Why's he here...? I could have handled it myself...
    Lilynette: Then go down there and beat his arse!!!!
    Starrk: .... shut up....

    Bleach 358 : The End Pt. 3 Cheater Cheater
    -scene change/kyoraku-
    Kyoraku: So... we on the same page?
    Kisamori: ...Shut up..
    Kisamori attacks Kyoraku several times, Kyoraku blocks them all.
    Kyoraku: That thing is pretty heavy! How much does it weigh?!
    Kisamori: It weighs enough to kill you...!
    Kyoraku: !!!
    Kisamori appears above Kyoraku, about to crush him with his Zanpakuto
    Ukitake blocks it right before it hits Kyoraku
    Ukitake: Kyoraku! You gotta be more careful!
    Kyoraku: Dont butt in!!! Its rude!
    Ukitake: Its only fair, he's cheating!!
    Kisamori: Shut... up.
    Bleach Chapter 359: Curtain Down
    -Scene Change/Soifon-
    Barragan: Lowly Shinigami, you could have never defeated me.
    Soifon: Shit!!
    Barragan draws out his Gran Caida
    Soifon: What...What is that?!?!
    Barragan: This.... will be your burial ground!
    Blood splatters on the ground
    Soifon's Bankai disenagrates.
    Soifon: Damn... you got me pretty good...
    Seen from afar Soifons body rips into pieces and falls to the ground.
    Barragan: .. All too easy...
    -Scene Change/Hitsugaya-
    Hitsugaya is seen impaled with the ice, frozen in the sky.
    Hitsugaya: Damn... it.
    Blood runs down his chin
    Halibel: I told you i would avenge my Fraccion
    Halibel appears above Hitsugaya
    Halibel: .... Gran Rey Cero..
    The ice instantly dissolve
    Hitsugaya: AHHHHH!!!!!!
    Bleach Chapter 360: The Hidden Lord
    -Scene Change/Kisamori-
    Ukitake: He's really getting on my nerves!
    Kyoraku: Thats enough, Ukitake
    Ukitake: But..?
    Kyoraku:... This guy is obviously as strong as us, maybe even stronger. We need to focus if we want to beat him.
    Ukitake: Right.
    Kisamori: So very iratating...
    Kyoraku: So he can speak...
    Kisamori glares at Kyoraku
    Kisamori: Come...
    Kyoraku/Ukitake: ..?
    Kisamori: SLAVE.
    Kisamori opens his left hand and reaches out.
    A leash appears in his hand.
    Kiasmori pulls the leash strongly
    Kyoraku/Ukitake: ..?!
    A small Arrancar appears, with meduim blonde hair, wearing a large shirt and large collar.
    Kisamori: This is my Fraccion...
    Ukitake: I'll take him on... you hand Kisamori, Kyoraku.
    Kyoraku: Lets go!
    The Arrancar Fraccion appears before Ukitake
    Ukitake: ...?
    The fraccion doesnt move.
    Ukitake: Are you gonna do something...?
    The Arrancar speaks
    : I dont want... i dont know why he makes me...
    The arrancar appearrs to be crying
    : I dont... why do i?... wha--
    The arrancar Sonido's behind Ukitake.
    Ukitake: Crap.!
    : Too slow.
    The arrancar appears in front of Ukitake
    Ukitake: ?!
    The arrancar kicks Ukitake in the chest
    Ukitake: Arg!
    Ukitake goes flying backwards, smashing into a tree.
    From the dust the Arrancar appears
    : My name is Cache.
    Ukitake: ...
    Cache: Its Cache Suignor.
    Ukitake: And i am Uki--
    The arrancar kicks Ukitake in the head.
    Ukitake: Damn..!
    Kisamori: Cache! Enough playing with your food! Finish him off!
    Cache: Yes... sir..
    Ukitake: ...
    Cache: Excite...

    (Thats all i have time for!!! )
    (If i come up with more later i will edit -?- the post? O_O or post a new thread) XD

    *** By Halibels sword i mean the large white bone thingy :P
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