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Thread: DGM fanstory ~ Volume 5 "A Silent Aria" [Chapter 81 - Chapter 100]

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    DGM fanstory ~ Volume 5 "A Silent Aria" [Chapter 81 - Chapter 100]

    Here are the chapters 81 to 100 for you to read. I might put them all together into a pdf.-file later on.

    Spoiler: Chapter 81: "The book of secrets" by schwindelmagier show

    Spoiler: Chapter 82: "The light the darkness snuffed out" by rhapshody blue show

    Spoiler: Chapter 83: "The helpful and the helpless" by kcampy show

    Spoiler: Chapter 84: "A prisoner's escape" by deathshadow show

    Spoiler: Chapter 85: "Black ribbons" by Raijatsu show

    Spoiler: Chapter 86: "Out of control" by schwindelmagier show

    Spoiler: Chapter 87: "Like lambs let to the slaughter" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler: Chapter 88: "White empress and the black rebellion" by raijatsu show

    Spoiler: Chapter 89: "Wide eyed terror" by deathshadow show

    Spoiler: Chapter 90: "Fate comes soft-footed and deadly" by schwindelmagier show

    Spoiler: Chapter 91: "The venom after the bite" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler: Chapter 92: "A mirror that can#t be destroyed" by koenosaki show

    Spoiler: Chapter 93: "Hope and despair" by raijatsu show

    Spoiler: Chapter 94: "Tabularasa" by rosalefay show

    Spoiler: Chapter 95: "Home again" by kcampy show

    Spoiler: Chapter 96: "Just seeking a piece of happiness" by schwindelmagier show

    Spoiler: Chapter 97: "The changing wind brings unwelcome tides" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler: Chapter 98: "Bon voyage" by deathshadow show

    Spoiler: Chapter 99: "Descent into insanity" by djmewmew show

    Spoiler: Chapter 100: "Friends in a Bottle/Despair and Hope" by Raijatsu and Schwindelmagier show
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