( 別天地 )

Chapter 20 - Revenge , Anger , Sadness

Previously on Bettenchi

Shadow Reapers decided to ask Deira about the happening in North , but they felt explosion not far away. They knew it's demons so they split into different directions . Meanwhile Deira and Natya were attacked . But Miyuki and others appeared to stop demon . They fought him back and won...but that's what they though.
Shat , demon who gets direct orders from Reko was just a diversion for Miyuki, Hisashi and Hitsuga . Their were targeting Deira for unknown reason . In all the chaos while fighting Shat , Deira's sister , Natya were killed .
Deira could not take the pain she felt and something happened... purple energy came from her body and blowed half of the village after she said her last word "Goodbye"

Minutes after explosion

Team lie on the ground blowed away by explosion

Miyuki : Uh... De ii ra... ?? Where's Deira !!!???

Miyuki trys to get up , but she felt pain in her leg

Miyuki : Ah !!!

Hisashi : Don't move , your leg is bleeding. Let me help you...

Hisashi stands up and walk towards Miyuki , though he looks hurt too , some blood is going down his face from head .

Miyuki notices blood on his face

Miyuki : Are you ok ??!!

Hitsuga comes out behind the trees

Hitsuga : He's fine...don't worry , both of your wounds will heal fast since you both have those souls inside .

Hisashi : me your leg Mi

Hisashi takes out peace of bandage out of his pocket and ties it around Miyuki's wound .

Miyuki : Thanks... where's Deira and Natya ?!!

Hitsuga : I have no idea where are they and what demons wanted...what they did...

Miyuki : Lets go search for them , we can't stand here and do nothing !!!! Move !!!

Hisashi looks at Miyuki with upset face

Hisashi ( thoughts ) : I doubt she's here...but...

Hisashi : Lets go...

Team went to search for Deira and Natya in the area

After hour of searching they found just ruins and dust

Hitsuga : They are not here anywhere

Miyuki : No... they must be somewhere !!! Why would demons kill them ??

Hitsuga : Didn't you get it yet... =\ Deira was a Shadow Reaper just like us , but I did not know that till she dissapeared .

Hisashi : That must be the reason they took them...

Tear comes from Miyuki's eye, she gets angry

Miyuki : Ghh... damn them !!! This is all just a nightmare... uh... I want to end this...

Hitsuga : We understand... we feel same pain as you do Miyuki.

Hisashi : We never wanted this to happened too

Miyuki : ...we have to stop this !!! I want to find the ones who did this, I want to kill them all !!! Erase them from this world !!! Ahhhhhhhhhh !!!

Hitsuga puts his hand over Miyuki's shoulder

Hitsuga : Calm down. We will get our revenge . None of us is ready to counter demons like Shadow Reapers did in the past . We are weak compared to them .

Hisashi : We need to get stronger ... somehow

Hitsuga : ...lets heal our wounds first, this explosion was strong , our souls were to weak to protect our bodys from the demage . And that demon, it seems like he played with us...he could have killed us all there, but he didn't...

Hisashi : Lets go back to Deira's house...

Friends came back to Deira's house and noticed their bag filled with food

Miyuki : Huh? Our bag... wait a sec, Deira said there's some people left in the village , we have to find one and ask...

Hitsuga : You are right , we must find someone

They started their search , after some time , Hitsuga spotted villager , it was the same guy who filled their bag as Deira asked

Hitsuga : Hey !!! Wait !!! I want to ask you something !!!

Seller Shu : Uh !!! O_o Oh no!!! It's one of them !!!

Seller starts running away as fast as he can

Hitsuga : O_o Why is he running away ? Wait !!! I just want to ask you about Deira !!!

Hitsuga starts running after him

Seller Shu : Go away , I don't know anything !!!

Hitsuga ( thoughts ) : Yes you wouldn't be runnin is you didn't

Suddenly ice spears comes from the ground in front of the seller stopping him

Seller Shu : Uh !!! What the heck !!??

Seller leans against the wall of spears looks shocked at Hitsuga runnin closer him

Hitsuga : Tell me everything you know !!!

Hitsuga puts his elbow on villagers neck while pressing him into ice "wall"

Seller Shu : Wha...Wha-t do you want to know ?!!!

After 30 min

Friends meet at Deira's house

Miyuki : Found out anything ?

Hisashi : Nope...

Hitsuga : Yeah, go inside I will tell you everything .

They went inside . Night came over . Sky was filled with sadness, anger and desire of revenge .
Sun came up , by that their wounds were healed and they were ready to leave the village [/I]

Hisashi : Well , it seems we are fine... from outside

Hitsuga : Yeah, lets move out

Miyuki : ...where we are heading ?

Hitsuga : The Ruins of Tachu , it's perfect place for us to train and live for a while .

Miyuki : ...good , I want to train till I can beat crap out of those freakin idiots !!!

Hisashi : Same here, we will take them down together

Hitsuga smiles

Hitsuga : Good thinking ^^

And so they moved out , they were about to walk away from the village from Northern gates , but...

Hitsuga : Wait ! Someone is near...

Miyuki and Hisashi stopped

Hisashi : Demon ?

Suddenly some girl jumps from the forest

Sara : I'm no demon , but I'm your enemy !!!

Sara pulls out a sword from her back

Sara : Aozora !!!

She slices the air with her sword and blue energy wave comes from it going towards Shadow Reapers

Scene ends with Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga releasing their soul items

Next time : Chapter 21 - Dodge, jump and hit

Attacks :

*Aozora - blue sky , blue energy wave attack by slicing air with sword