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Thread: G by Koike Keiichi

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    G by Koike Keiichi

    By: Koike Keiichi
    Genre: Psychological, Sci-Fi
    Serialized In: Comic Burger
    Publisher: Scholar (1986), Enterbrain (2003, Reprint)

    G is the story of Tomak, an Amazon tribesmen about to take his initiation journey. His spiritual quest will take him to the boundaries of life, death, fate, spiritual fulfillment, emptiness, past, present, and future.

    By the mangaka of Ultra Heaven

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    Re: [Featured] G by Koike Keiichi

    Oh, sci-fi? Interesting how with sci-fi authors in general can go in two directions, where they praise science or basically tell of the horrors that an advanced future might bring. This seems to be the latter, with a moral message in between as well. Looks really promising.

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