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Thread: Naruto Alternate continuation

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    Naruto Alternate continuation

    It’s been a few months since Naruto and his team have returned from the land of waves. In these few months, team seven have been getting nothing but D and C rank missions, something Naruto disapproves for not letting him show his skills. But that will change in this alternate continuation!

    Chapter 1
    Yes! Finally an A rank mission!

    It is summer time right now in the land of fire! A great season for a dangerous mission if ya ask me. Let us take a look at how our protagonist is doing.

    Scene of the village switches over to Naruto’s home. There we have Sakura knocking on his door, impatiently.

    “Naruto! Open up already!!” Sakura said while she bangs and bangs on the door.

    She has the exact same wardrobe she had in the Land of Waves ark.

    She stops and stares at the door for a sec.

    “Ok Naruto! I’m coming in!”

    She opens the door and walks in. She removes her zori [Traditional Japanese sandals] and leaves them by the door outside. Angry at Naruto for not opening the door she walks from the living room all the way up the stairs to Naruto’s room, only to find him still sleeping.

    “Aaah, yes! Sakura, I’ll help remove your-"

    Sakura gets even more angry at naruto because of his perviness, so she lifts up her left leg and starts stomping Naruto on his face until he wakes up.

    “Wake up you pervert!! And stop having those perverted dreams about me!”

    Naruto wakes up in fear. He has multiple footprint shaped marks on his face.

    “Sakura!!? Just what did you hear…?

    “Oh, your dead, Naruto.”

    Scene goes outside of Naruto’s house while you hear him screaming off-screen.

    Scene shifts over to Naruto’s kitchen.

    “So what is it that brings you here Sakura?”

    “Naruto! Just hurry up and finish your breakfast! All I know is the third wants to see us.”

    “T-the third?” Asked a surprised naruto.

    Scene shifts over to the third’s office.

    The door opens with Naruto and Sakura walking in.

    “Lord Sandaime! I have brought Naruto!”

    “Yes, good. Any sign of Kakashi and Sasuke yet?”

    “Hmm…? That jerk Sasuke hasn’t arrived yet?”

    “Grrr…! Naruto be quiet, Kakashi sensei must have gotten to him.”

    The door opens with Kakashi and Sasuke walking in.

    “Yo! Me and Sasuke had to help out this poor old cat to find his-“

    “Don’t pull that crap on us!!” Both Naruto and Sakura yelled in unison.

    “(Why are those two always like this…) Anyway, if you must know where we were, I was training Sasuke with his sharingan.

    “Whoa that is so cool Sasuke!” I wonder how cute you are with your sharingan?

    “(Tch, probably going to rub your nasty and annoying habits on him, grr…) Said inner Sakura .

    “Big deal… Kakashi sensei, why are you wasting your time on Sasuke when you could be helping train the future hokage! Me!”

    “(Here we go…)” Kakashi said in his thoughts.

    “Sigh,(Are they always like this?)” Asked the sandaime in his thoughts.

    “Heh, if he is wasting his time on me then what does it make you? Loser.”

    “Oh that’s it Sasuke!!”

    Naruto runs over to Sasuke preparing to punch him in a comical fashion.


    Naruto quickly stops before reaching Sasuke.

    “I think you are forgetting the reason you are here.” Sandaime said.

    “Right, our deepest apologies my lord.” Kakashi replied

    “Now, the reason I have called you here is because I have decided to assign you an A rank mission. I think your team should be experienced enough by now to be able to take this type of mission, don’t you Kakashi?”

    “Of course, these guys may be rough around the edges but they have improved by a lot in our missions, lately.”

    “Yes! Finnaly an A rank mission! Ha,ha! I can prove to myself how my I improved!

    “(Naruto, does have a point. I can test my sharingan out in battle. This is perfect…)”

    “It’s time for me to explain your mission, team Kakashi. You will escort our client Avalon over to the village hidden in the heavens. Be careful though, a group of rogue ninja from the village hidden in the clouds are after her for reasons she wanted to keep secret from us. When you arrive at her village, stay and protect her until the threat is over and done with.”

    “So, when will we meet this client we need to protect?” Asked Sakura.

    “She should be here by now.”

    The door opens and a girl walks in. She has high heels similar to the ones tsunade wears, and she is wearing blue ninja short shorts with a shuriken holster on one side and a ninja tool bag on the other side. She has a white shirt with buttons. On the back of her shirt she has the village hidden in the heavens symbol. The buttons are not tied though. Her under shirt is similar to the one Anko has under her coat. Her headband is tied around her right ankle. She has short pink hair with knots tied on the top of her hair. She is about the age of Naruto.

    “What is up konoha peoples!? Avalon here at your service! Or rather your at my service since you know…

    Everyone but the third, and Kakashi stare at her both awkwardly and comically.

    Scene shifts outside of the village. Team seven and Avalon are already far from konoha, they are walking in an area with not much grass or plants, mostly dirt and small puddles of water.

    “So, Avalon is it? Were you followed by any chance?” Kakashi asked.

    “Hmm, why?”

    “I guess we’re about to find out. Let’s see how many there are…

    Kakashi is about to reveal his sharingan when suddenly…


    Kakashi stops.

    “Let us do it, Kakashi sensei. Please.” Naruto requested.

    Naruto does the Kage bunshin signs. Three clones appear.

    “He is right, we can do it ourselves.”

    Sasuke activates his sharingan.

    “ Right! We have matured and grown more then you think! Please just give us a chance to prove ourselves!”

    Sakura pulls out a kunai from her ninja tool bag and prepares to fight.

    Kakashi looks surprised.

    “Alright, go ahead. I trust you…”

    Naruto Sasuke and Sakura smile and the chapter ends.
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