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    General Entertainment Index & Guide ~

    Ladies and gentlemen, Ninjas and vampires, Sailors and aliens. Humans and animals.

    We welcome you all to the General Entertainment Forum.
    This is where you can discuss everything from your favorite actor, to the worst-
    game you've ever laid hands on.

    Now, we introduce you to this great section and to give you a taste of what's inside.

    The General Entertainment Forum

    The General Entertainment Forum is built in a very easy way. So don't worry about getting lost!
    We do have the main General Entertainment board of course but further from that we have-
    four major categories as listed below.We hope that you will find this small guide helpful and interested.

    Fun Forum

    The first section is the Fun Forum

    Inside the "FF" you can never be bored... Seriously.
    In here you can do everything from participating in games to tell us what you did before you logged on.

    However the normal post-count system does not include the Fun Forum so you can't post along all day and expecting your post-count to rise.


    The fourth and the most strenuous one is without doubt the section about Sports!
    • Do you like to watch tennis-players smash in 140km/h?
    • Are you practicing or coaching a sport?
    • Do you spend your weekends eating crisps and cheering for the Coyotes?

    Well, In here you can share your experiences in the Sporting world.

    Sharing is Caring.

    Of course this section has a Hangout thread --> The Sports Hang out Thread!
    Now, now. So many threads.. so many choices...
    Let me give you a sample,----------------------------------------------------------

    General threads

    Of course there are TONS of great threads inside the General Entertainment forum itself such as...As you see there are everything in here!

    But mind you, there mustn't be any manga/anime-related talk in here. Those discussions belongs to the Otaku Cafe. If you by some reason still want to post in the General Entertainment we will show no mercy to the posts and throw them into the Otaku Cafe where they belong. But it'd be nice if you could spare us the extra work and just do it right from the start, 'kay?


    Also - If you see any posts that doesn't belong in the General Entertainment or in any of the sections - feel free to report them at any time and we will solve it!

    If you like
    • Music
    • Books
    • Films
    • Sports
    • American Comics
    • Video Games
    • Playing games (Forum games in The FF)
    • TV Series
    • Or just having a good time
    Then you should check us out in there!

    We'll be waiting!

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