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    Exclamation ~ SPORTS BOARD INDEX & GUIDE ~


    Welcome to the Sports Board! This is where you tell everyone what team you cheer for while on the couch, eating brownies and drinking beer, or you could reveal in what team you're playing, what sports you're currently active in, or who your favourite sportsman is!

    Note that in this section you should show sportsmanship. Do not flame anyone for having a different opinion than you, regardless sport, player or team.

    There aren't any prefixes in this board, seeing as all threads are about a sport. If it's a discuss-able, and informative or a questionable thread you should say so in the title.

    Feel free to Hang Out, share experiences or talk about anything sport-related in The Sports Hang out Thread!

    What do we offer?

    We have a huge variety on threads and I'll list some of the currently most popular sports here;
    If you notice that there aren't a thread for the sport you wanna discuss - make the thread yourself! Everything that can be classified as a sport is accepted here, whether it's playing football or throwing horseshoes.


    • The biggest rule in here is "common sense", followed by "sportsmanship" and "respect"
    • Use your common sense - don't bash anyone, don't start a flamewar neither give some negative criticism because they don't share your opinions.
    • Value every ones opinion and respect what they say. Show sportsmanship and be humble in here.
    • Sportmangas should not be discussed here as this is a board for IRL sports.
    • Also note that this is a rather small and casual board, do not take things too serious here, we are only sharing our opinions regarding the sports we like or dislike.
    That should be everything, thank you for reading!




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