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Thread: Naruto Arcade Rules, Guidelines, and Info (July 2009)

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    Naruto Arcade Rules, Guidelines, and Info (July 2009)

    ~Naruto Arcade Rules, Guidelines, and Info~

    Welcome to the Naruto Arcade. In this section, you can talk about all of the Naruto video games you’ve ever enjoyed (or maybe didn’t enjoy), whether they are old or new!

    Before you go discussing away, please review the rest of this guide as it provides valuable information on how this section works.

    Also, If you guys/gals have any inquiries/problems related to this section, please feel free to PM our Naruto section Moderators benelori , Rikudou King or any of the Globals/Admins.

    ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Guidelines & Rules ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **
    • Remember to make your posts thoughtful and always try to invite good discussion, and have respect for other people's opinions.
    • When creating a new thread, please make sure that the topic is sufficiently self-explanatory in the title instead of making it something like 'OMG How awesome is this game?'.
    • Please select the correct prefix for the thread, before creating it. This is an important step, as it will greatly help to keep this section neat and easy to navigate. More on this in the Prefix Explanation part of this guide.
    • Above all else - have fun! That's why we are here, right? To engage in fun-filled discussions with other people who share the same interests.
    For a complete list of forum rules, please review the General Rules, Guidelines, and Forum Etiquette thread.

    ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Prefix Explanation ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **

    Here in the Naruto Arcade Section, we have set up the Prefix system based around two distinct categories: General Use and Console Specific Prefixes. Listed below are these categories, the prefixes they contain, and a brief description of them.

    General use Prefixes
    Info – (mod use only) Rules, Guidelines and Index Thread
    Discussion – Used for any kind of discussion related to Naruto based video games. E.g. used to discuss which Naruto video games series is your favorite.

    Console Specific Prefixes
    PS2 – games that appear on the PS2 console
    PS3 - games that appear on the PS3 console
    PSP – games that appear on the PSP
    Wii – games that appear on the Nintendo Wii console
    DS – games that appear on the Nintendo DS & DSi
    Xbox360 – games that appear on the Xbox360 console

    When making a new thread, be sure to properly attach the correct prefix to that thread. This is necessary because it not only allows us to keep the board orderly and tidy, but it also allows other members to search the section for threads of a similar nature. For example: If you were interested in PS3 Naruto games, You would select the PS3 prefix from the pull down list “All Prefixes” and then hit the “Show Threads” button to the right of it. This will than allow you to view only the threads/games on the PS3 console.
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