( 別天地 )

Chapter 21 - Dodge, jump and hit

Previously on Bettenchi

After explosion caused by Deira, Shadow Reapers were blowed away and got hurt , later they have tryed to search for their missing friends . They could not find them and decided to ask some villagers about Deira and Natya. Hitsuga found Seller Shu... Later team got back to Deira's house and stayed for night. In the morning they left the village. But while leaving Goteki village by northern gates they were attacked by blonde girl who carried a blue sword...

Sara : Aozora !!!

She slices the air with her sword and blue energy wave comes from it going towards Shadow Reapers

Team were shocked by sudden attack , but they reacted fast and were ready to fight back . Before swords wave came closer , Miyuki and Hisashi partly released their items : Necklace and Bracelet .

Hitsuga moved forward fast to withstand attack

Hitsuga : ...

Blue energy wave got close and in that momment Hitsuga rised his both hands and inserted them inside the wave splitting it into two parts and pushing them in left and right away from team .

Hitsuga : !!!

Right after Hitsuga stopped the wave girl appeared right in front of him , she was hiding behing the wave .

Sara : Hyaa !!!

She swinged her sword aiming for his neck , but Hitsuga crouched and grabed girl's right hand trying to hit her . Sara was faster and jumped up hiting Hitsuga's chest with her both legs and jumping aside .

Hitsuga : Who are you ? Why are you attacking us ?

Girl smiles

Sara : Hmh... I'm here to kill you. Fight me if you want to survive .

Hisashi : We have no time for this !!!

By saying this , Hisashi hit the ground with his right hand .

Sara : huh? !!!

Sara jumped in air . Right after she jumped huge red hand made of Hisashi's kigai came from the ground and followed Sara trying to catch her.

Sara ( thoughts ) : I see...he can manipulate his souls energy's and change it's shape and even control it from that far...

Sara : Aozora !!!

She swinged her sword and blue wave destroyed the hand Hisashi made and stepped on tree branch

She looked at Shadow Reapers and notced that Hisashi's both hand are touching the ground

Sara ( thoughts ) : ...two ?

Sara : !!!

Hand appeared from the ground and crushed the tree forcing Sara to jump on other three , where second hand was comming for her.

Sara ( thoughts ) : won't fool me that easy...

Hand was very close to her , so she just slashed over it and it wanished .

Hitsuga : Hisashi , Miyuki ! Attack her together , she won't be able to keep up with us all .

Miyuki : ...

Hisashi : Right, lets show her

While they were standing Sara jumped down the tree and made her move first

Sara : Aozora !!!

Hitsuga : Rikka !!!

Hitsuga's clothes covers in frost and he steps away from wave

Sara ( thoughts ) : Hmm, what did he do ?

Suddenly Hitsuga appeared near Sara in her right holding long ice spear in his right and moving it towards Sara

Hitsuga : Aisu-hirogari...

Ice shaped spear in his hand turn into small ice peaces and flys in Sara's direction

Sara : Tanpa !!!

Invisible shock wave blows all ice peaces away

After she used shock wave Hisashi's made hand comes from ground under Sara's feet and grabs her left leg

Sara quickly aims her sword to hand

Sara : Aozora...

She didn't even swing her sword to create blue energy wave , this time wave came from sword end and blowed hand which was holding her leg

After she landed on the ground she swinged her sword three times and three energy waves came from her blade , each moving towards Hisashi ,Hitsuga and Miyuki .

Hisashi made a energy hand and blocked the attack .

Hitsuga made a small ice wall and stopped it

While Miyuki was standing still looking to the ground , she didn't even move after she released . Blue wave was getting closer and her left wing moved and repelet the wave. After repeling the wave wing returned to it's position . Miyuki didn't even blink and continued to look down with no reaction .

Sara : O_O !!!

Many ice spears were flying from Hitsuga's direction and two big hand were were blowing the ground moving towards Sara.

Sara ( thoughts ) : slow !!!

Ice spears and hands hit the target and big dust cloud covered the place where Sara was

Hisashi : Did we made it ?

Hitsuga : nn... !!! No !! Miyuki !!! Wake up !!!

All of a sudden Sara ran our from cloud and stopped by sliding on the ground

Sara : o__o !!!

For no reason Sara directed her sword to dust cloud

Sara ( thoughts ) : What on earth is that ? !!!

Sara quickly throwed her sword into dust cloud . While sword was flying to that direction , yellow energy ball came from dust cloud and hit the sword .

But sword was still glowing in blue though Sara wasn't holding it , it was so sharp that it slowly sliced ball into two peaces . Both peaces hit the ground in left and right from Sara . Her sword was falling into dust cloud about 15 metres away from her .

Hitsuga ( thoughts ) : She's just like us , her soul power is hidden in that sword . It's our chance !

Sara ( thoughts ) : My sword , I have to get it before it's to late !!!

Hitsuga : She will try to recover her sword ! Don't let her to do that !!!

Hisashi : Allright !!! Arrrggghhh !!!!

Hisashi crushes the ground by hitting it with both hands

Hitsuga : Aisu-hiru...

Hitsuga puts his hands on ground and frost appears on it and goes to direction of sword

Sara is running for her sword

Sara ( thoughts ) : this one will be close...

She runs into dust cloud and it deforms and gets even bigger while earth shakes

Sara rolls down from other side of dust cloud and quickly stands up holding her sword in her right hand . But suddenly she stops because of Miyuki standing in front of her .

Miyuki is looking right into her eyes , not making a move while Sara swings her sword and shoots blue wave from it

Miyuki's right wing moves and repels the attack cousing small explosion , which blows Sara on the ground

Hitsuga : Aisu-hiru...

Sara : !!!

Many ice pillars surrounds her and red energy covers them and upper part , making it like a small cage

Hitsuga : Cought ya !

Hisashi : k...can we have a conversation then ? Your name ? Hmmm?

Sara : heh... it was just a small mistake I made...

Sara : Nami !!!!!!!!

Hitsuga : !!!

Hisashi : !!!

Shock wave blows away ice cage , energy hands and both , Hisashi and Hitsuga . They fly away and hit the threes hard

Meanwhile Sara runs in the forest and runs behind the threes looking at them and thinking

Sara ( thoughts ) : So that guy can manipulate his kigai to create ice... And she... *Sara has flashback then she runs out of a dust cloud stopping at Miyuki* It seems like those wings are protecting her against her own will, but it looks like she is not on her own mind either... To manipulate her soul energy at that level and make those wings like that... shooting such a concentrated energy attacks *flash back then she throws her sword at yellow energy ball* ...and her energy...what's wrong with it ? Anyway... these guys are quite strong... I wonder if they can withstand...

Hitsuga and Hisashi walks near Miyuki

Hisashi : Where is she ?

Hitsuga : ...she's is near, in the forest

Hisashi : Maaaan...she's such a pain, It feels like she stole candy from me

Hitsuga : hah ! She's fast and she controls her sword very well . I don't know why she's attacking us , but we must end this quick , we may not be able to keep released items longer...

They are few metres away from Miyuki

Hisashi : Hey ! Miyuki ! Why don't you... !!!

All of a sudden Sara jumps in the middle of a team

Sara : Kyoha !!!!!!

While saying this she puts her sword into ground making it shake, sword starts glowing and in a second it spreads huge shock wave in all the area , blowing few threes away .

Miyuki ,Hisashi and Hitsuga gets blowed away too . They fall 60 metres away and shock stops their released items , they loose .

Slowly Sara falls on her knees exhausted

Sara ( thoughts ) : heh... that was fun...

While she's on knees she looks at each of them lie... she looks how Miyuki's wings dissapear , Hitsuga's frost turn into water , Hisashi's surrounding energy wanishes...

Sara makes a smile and falls saying

Sara : It's a tie guys...

Next time : Chapter 22 - The Ruins of Tachu

Attacks :

*Aozora - blue sky , blue energy wave attack by slicing air with sword
*Rikka - snow , level 1 power release . Increases users speed , power . Allows user to use more dangerous attacks.
*Aisu-hirogari - ice spread , transforms thrown spear into small ice objetcs.
*Tanpa - short wave , shock wave around users body . Defense against close attacks .
*Aisu-hiru - ice hill , by putting his hands on ground user can make ice hill at any place he wants. Though it takes more time if target is far .
*Nami - wave , stronger shock wave of Tanpa . Higher range .
*Kyoha - large wave . Strongest shock wave