( 別天地 )

Chapter 22 - The Ruins of Tachu

Previously on Bettenchi

Sara fought Hisashi , Hitsuga and Miyuki. Fight wasn't easy and both sides were exhausted . In the end of the fight Sara used a powerful shock wave made from her sword and blowed everyone around . Shadow Reapers lost their part-releases and Sara fall unconscious .

Sara awakes opening her eyes

Sara : ...hhhu...where am I ...? What is this

She opens her eyes wide

Sara : ...What happened ? ...Oh... yeah...

She looks around , she can't see surroundings clearly , it's a dark place , and light is comming from one place only. It looks like an entrance

Sara : O_O Where's my sword ?!!

Hitsuga : Looking for this ?

Hitsuga is standing in the entrance , light is comming from behind . Shadow falls on Sara

Sara : Give it back !

She trys to run , but she stops since her arm is locked with chain to a wall .

Hitsuga : Why should I give it back ? You attacked us and don't you remember you said " I'm your enemy "

Sara : I'm not your enemy . I wanted to join you right after I saw you fighting that demon in the village. The one who can dublicate his body .

Hitsuga : When why would you attack us ?!!

Sara : ...I...I wanted to test you... I'm sorry...

Hitsuga : what's your name ?

Sara looks at Hitsuga surprised

Sara : ...Sara

Hitsuga comes closer and cuts a chain

Hitsuga : I'm not giving your sword back . We can't trust you that easy... but you are free to join us... follow me...

Sara : uh ? ...Thanks

Hitsuga and Sara walks outside

Hitsuga : Oh, between my name is Hitsuga.

Hisashi and Miyuki are standing outside

Hisashi : Heh! So you did let her out...

Hitsuga : Well ,she wants to join us and she said sorry for that time . But I'm not giving this sword back to her .

Miyuki : Ok... I hope we won't regret that later...

Hisashi : I'm Hisashi . What's your name ?

Sara : <.< Sara...

Miyuki : I'm Miyuki . Nice to meet you...

Hitsuga : Lets continue , Hisashi , Miyuki .

Hitsuga sits on the big rock

Hitsuga : You should sit here too , Sara

Sara : Why ?

Miyuki puts her hand on her necklace and her eyes closes

Suddenly she opens them wide and her wings appears

Sara : Ooppss O_O

Sara quickly runs near Hitsuga and sits on the rock too

Sara : What are you guy doing here ?

Hitsuga : Some training...

Sara : Wait a long I was sleeping ?

Hitsuga : Just one day ?

Sara : O_O one day ?!!!

While they talk Hisashi releases his Shadow Reaper soul

Hitsuga : Yes , after your last attack we got up pretty quickly and you were unconscious . We did not felt like you are a bad person and you were just like us. So we decided to take you with us to Ruins of Tachu .

Sara : mmm...Thank you for not leaving me behind after I attacked you .

Hisashi attacks Miyuki with energy hand comming from the ground

Miyuki defends using her wings

Hisashi : That's fine, want to tell me more about yourself ?

Sara : hmm? I'm from Naku village in South. I'm 20 years old. I found that sword then I was 15. Actually it found me . I felt strange and went in a field and started digging , after a hour I found it . Few years later it started to shine and that's when I left my house, friends and my familly . I was traveling around the world since then .
A year ago , I allready fought those dark creatures.

Hitsuga : What ? A year ago ? I though they started to appear few month ago !?

Sara : Oh , the strong ones yeah . But a before that , weak and small ones were appearing . It looked like they were searching for something . Eventually I got in their way and killed them . After that they were appearing near me all the time trying to hunt me down .

Hitsuga : I see , I should introduse myself aswell I'm from Kanki village . I'm one year older than you are . I was living with my father. At about 16 my father gave me a ring as a present of my birthday. 5 years later it started to talk with me from inside . Like a voice in my head . It told me everything and to go search for Miyuki and Hisashi . I was hurt then I came to their village . But soul inside the ring merged with mine and ring dissapeared . Since then I was in team with Miyuki and Hisashi . Still my Shadow Reaper's soul in not capable to reach it's full power . It's only a part of it...

Sara : You mean item dissapears when souls are merged ?

Hitsuga : I think... huh ?!! O_O Miyuki no !!!!

Miyuki : Kieru !!!

Miyuki shoots yellow ball shaped light at Hisashi

Hisashi : O_O !!!

Hitsuga : Aisu-hiru !!!

Huge ice hill covers energy ball

Hitsuga runs near Miyuki and pushes her on the ground holding her both hands , not letting her to move

Hitsuga : Wake up !!!!!!!

Suddenly her eyes somehow changes

Miyuki : Uh ? What's...not again ?

Hitsuga frees her arm and help her to stand up

Sara : O_O

Hitsuga : Take a short brake Miyuki .

Miyuki sits on her bag and watches Hisashi training

Hitsuga sits back on the rock

Sara : Didn't yu notice something wrong about her and her release ?

Hitsuga : She can't control it normally , she can loose it any minute .

Sara : Yes , that too . But... she spreads a weird energy around...

Hitsuga : What you mean , it was always like that since she released for the first time .

Sara : But the energy is... kinda...dark .
*flashback then Sara appears near Miyuki looking at her*
Back then, her eyes were "cold" and I noticed one thing which I did not see now.

Hitsuga : What did you see ?

Sara : Her eyes were changing colour to red for few seconds . But it turned back to normal .

Hitsuga : O_O

Sara : And from memorys gained from my sword I know that I saw something similar before, I think she was on our side back then... but I can't remember really well .

Hitsuga : That explains a bit of the situation, why she has no full control . We need to keep an eye on her...
We need to solve this problem till we attack the Demon World...

Sara : WHAT ?!!!

Scene changes to Demon World

Reko is looking at the dark clouds , thunder and lightning come from them.

Shat walks near

Shat : Reko ?

Reko : Yes .

Shat : Everything is done , what will be your orders ?

Reko : We wait .

Shat : What about her ?

Reko : Time will come...and she will be in a good use for us . For now... continue your task .

Shat : Understood...

Next time : Chapter 23 - Training

Attacks :

*Aisu-hiru - ice hill , by putting his hands on ground user can make ice hill at any place he wants. Though it takes more time if target is far .
*Kieru - wanish , concentrated soul energy ball . Powerful attack which deals high demage to a target .

Enjoy ! =) Sorry, I did not draw Hitsuga yet , I should do it for next chapter