( 別天地 )

Chapter 23 - Training Begins

Previously on Bettenchi

Sara appears to be captured. She explains why she attacked Shadow Reapers . Though reason is stupid, Hitsuga frees her , but he takes her sword , so she couldn't do any harm. Sara introduced herself to Hitsuga. Hisashi and Miyuki were training for one day since they arrived at the Ruins of Tachu. Hitsuga and Sara were discussing about Miyuki and her necklace soul realease which she can't control good . In the end of a chapter , Sara was shocked by Hitsuga's plans to attack Demon World.

Sara : WHAT ?!!! You must be joking !!! Tell me you are not serious ?!

Hitsuga : We are serious... a day before you attacked us , our two friends were killed by demons. I guess you saw that fight...

Sara : I did not know there was someone else =(

Hitsuga : ...before that fight I saw how demon appears from some gates or something , I figured it's their own we are training so we can fight them .

Sara : Yes it is, but you guys are not ready, neither I am . We won't survive if we go there .

Hitsuga : "we" ? So you really want to join us ?

Sara : Uh... yeah ! ...I was there , I have entered that world before ! I have almost dead there !!!

Hitsuga : You were alone ! Of course you could die easy !!!

Sara : Yes, this too , but I almost dead not because of demons . I saw no demons there !!! .

Hitsuga is quite shocked

Hitsuga : When what was it ?! O_O

Sara : My soul and my body could not handle that much of darkness , the energy floating in there... soul was drowning in it... I felt like my soul gets eaten slowly !!! We can't go there !!! Not now !!!

Hitsuga : ...

Hisashi and Miyuki walks closer

Hisashi : Is it really that serious ?

Sara : I won't let anyone go there until we get stronger...

Miyuki : Hitsu... what you think ?

Hitsuga is looking at the ground

Hitsuga : I believe what Sara is saying...

Sara : Thank you...

Hitsuga takes Sara's sword and gives it back

Hitsuga : Here...take it

Sara slowly takes her sword back from Hitsuga's hand and puts it on her back

Sara : Now I feel much safer , thanks

Hisashi looks at Hitsuga and turns to Sara

Hisashi : mmm...Welcome to our team Sara ! ^^

Miyuki : Welcome girl =) I hope we get along

Smile appears in Sara's face

Sara : Sorry for the troubles , and thanks for trusting me .

Hitsuga : =) Hmh... we have work to do ! Don't let your guard down , I won't go easy on you guys...

Hitsuga walks in the midle of training area

Sara quickly takes her sword out and slices the air

Sara : Aozora !!!

Blue energy wave comes from it going towards Hitsuga

Hitsuga jumps away and dodges that attack

Scene changes to Demon World

Reko is slowly walking in some dark place. All you can hear there is sound of steps and someone's screaming, but it's very weak , you can berelly hear it .

Reko continues walking,voice turns louder and some ligh appears . That light comes from direction where he is going . Light appears every ten seconds, when it appears you can hear someone's scream or two seconds. Demon King continues walking till he reaches doors... light and scream comes from other side of doors .

Reko raises his hand and pushes the doors . Before it opens light and scream repeats again

??? : Gwaaahhhhh !!!!!!!!!

Doors opens , light and scream dissapears in the dark room . No one makes a sound.

Reko : It's enough...

He's looking into dark room

??? : will never be enough...hah...hah

Reko smiles

Reko : If you say so...

Someone's head form appears in the darkness. It's very unclear. All you can see clearly is someone's eyes , right one is purple and the left one is red.

??? : What... *cough* *cough*

Reko : You are pushing yourself too much

??? : ...what do you want ?!

Reko : I want to inform you about your task...

??? : ...

Reko : As you know, every day seal is braking more and more... Soon our world will start merging with human... Our problem is Shadow Reapers.
We though they have dead after our last fight in the past... but they somehow managed to seal part of their souls into items. One's who found those items, gained powers of the Shadow Reapers. And their will and power is growing up each day. There are eight of them. By this time we know location of four. Others are unknown .

??? : I have to find them ? What for ?

Reko : ...Yes , but all you have to do is to confirm their location. But that's not all . To prevent the seal of our world just like before , you will have to find one important item, if you succeed they will never be able to win, and I'm not forgeting you. I will decrease your pain as I promised. Do you agree ?

??? : heh...heh... you don't have to ask me twice.

Reko : Good. I will explain you the details tomorrow

Reko slowly closes the doors

Reko : ...and enjoy your time till then

Reko turns over and slowly walks back . After few steps lightning and scream repeats

Reko walks up by stairs and meets Shat in the end of the stairs

Shat : How was it ?

Reko : It's perfect... just like I planned

Shat : What about Jeirou ?

Reko's flashback when he reaches prisoner down wolcanos heart. Prisoner is a demon , he's hanging over lava tied up with chains on his arms which is fasted to volcanos sides , all his body is wraped with chains , his eyes and mouth are covered with metal mask. Prisoner : What do you want ? Reko : I have an offer

Reko : What should I do ? He escaped and no one saw him anywhere since then . If he shows up , we will kill him .

Shat : ...he must be a monster, he broke Cursed Chains on his own... .

Reko : Those chains were made by previous King , that energy in chains dissipated after I killed him. Besides , he could have been gathering energy around him for years...

Shat : ...I see .

Reko : Gather few fellow demons for our friend trip to the human world...

Next time : Chapter 24 - When clouds turn black

Attacks :

*Aozora - blue sky , blue energy wave attack by slicing air with sword

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