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Thread: More retirees fill empty hours with booze and pachinko

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    More retirees fill empty hours with booze and pachinko

    I just found this artcle at

    Spoiler show

    It is really horrible, that people are so consumed of work during there life, that they don't know what to do when they retire, but drinking and gambling. I mean, how can someone throw away his/her life like that?
    I am speechless.

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    Re: More retirees fill empty hours with booze and pachinko

    This isn't just a society problem emerging from Japan. But the rest of the developed world too. With baby boomer generation now approaching retirement, developed nations are gearing up to tackle this greying population.

    These people worked hard half of their life to bring up their children. But now when their children are all grown up and no longer need to be fed by their aged parents. These old people now found themselves without an aim in life. Boredom creeps in and that is how they got themselves involved into alcohol or gambling addictions.

    Singapore is one of country that is expected to face this problem too. And the government has been tackling this problems by setting up a few measures,

    1) Introduction of the Silver Industry

    This measures encourages employers to re-employed the healthier old people back into the industry to tap on their working experience. Of course, it doesn't just mean working hard. These people can now pass their time easily and furthermore re-contribute back to the economy.

    2) Setting up of exercise facilities in every estate

    These facilities are built with the purpose of being used by the aged elders. This will promote a sense of healthy lifestyle amongst the older generation.

    3) Housing subsidy for those children, who purchased their flat, within two kilometres of their parent's home.

    This measure will encourage the younger generation into keeping tabs with their parents even if they had left home to set up a family of their own. This means that the older generation can also chip in babysitting their grandchildren while their children are out to work.

    The solution here is for the government to keep looking into possibilities on how keep the older generation occupied and how they will pass their time.

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