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Thread: Welcome to General World Topic Forum!

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    Welcome to General World Topic Forum!

    Notice any headlines that are big in your own backyard but nobody on MangaHelpers knows about?

    A catastrophe occur somewhere on the planet and you want to be the first to report it here?

    Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to General World Topic Forum! This is the place where you can talk about anything that interests you in the world, or if you want to talk about local events happening in your area. If you want to educate others about your livelihood, the politics of your country, your customs, or even post photographs of where you live, feel more than welcome to do so here.

    However like any other forums, there are a few guidelines that we have to follow closely to. They are as followed,
    Quote Quote:
    • No SPAM. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. In general, the following examples below are considered examples of spam.
      • As long as your post is one liner or, even worse still, less than 4 words, then it is considered spam.
      • Another example of a spam would be posting off-topic posts. This includes posting only or almost only to insult or bitch at someone else in a debate (although, this also falls under flaming/trolling). Topics that become a breeding ground for off-topic and irrelevant posts will be closed.
    • No Flaming or Trolling. If you are unhappy with someone, feel free to contact any of the mods. Do not bring out your unhappiness in the topic by making posts with the direct intention of insulting a member or a group or with the intention of inciting a confrontation. If you slam a person's comments, back it up with valid reasons.
    *Extra note- Naturally as part of 'World News Discussion' politics and religion talk will eventually be involved here.

    That's fine and all, but keep in mind that if you want to post here that we are extremely strict about flaming, so if you feel like your temper may be severely tested here, please consider staying away from these type of topics.

    Also... please refrain from making derogatory terms of any sort for ANY country, people, religions, or so on. We won't tolerate that sort of narrow thinking here. So obviously, racism is absolutely forbidden here. We are looking to promote acceptance here, not to breed contempt for those who might think differently from how we do.

    Though if your topic of interest involve news of racism in the world, that's okay. Just be aware that you are obliged to participate in civiled and mature discussion on this forum. Now, we know that arguments can and will get heated at times, and that's human and we won't hold it against you, but if we feel like you are too prone to losing your temper, we may decide to temporarily restrict your access to this forum so you can have time to cool off a bit.

    Quote Quote:
    • No Necroing. If you post in a thread that no one has posted in for three months, then that is considered necroing and you will recieve a warning.
    • No Duplicated Topics. If someone already posted a topic and you posted another topic under a different name but with the same content, it is still considered as duplication of topic and promptly be merged with the old one. Please post in the original topic if you would like to discuss it.
    • No Double-Posting. If you remember you had something else to say, edit your old post, don't make a new one.
    • No pornographic pictures or any sexually explicit material. They have no business doing in the forums. Offenders will be warn and subsequently be ban if warning is no heed.
    • There should be NO advertising in your posts.
    • Although swearing is permitted, please keep it to an absolute minimum, and not to be used on any of the forum members.
    • Every topic here must meet with three criteria.
      • Your news must include a bibliography of some sort; news sites, discussion forums, etc.
      • The news must be hidden using the spoilers tag.
      • The person who posts the news thread must have an opinion on the topic, whether it helps to decipher the news, or propose a solution of some sort to the problem.
    There are some threads that you will need to take note of,

    1- For general inquiry into religious issues, you can first start out in this topic, Religious Discussion and Q&A thread.

    2- For a list of reliable online news sources, you can check out the Recommended News Website thread.

    We would also recommend that you add a prefix to each topic which you open. This will allow your fellow forum members to have a brief idea on what they are going to expect in your topic.
    Quote Quote:

    • Politics - Global security, domestic and international politics, ideology, etc.
    • Society - Religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, people and profiles
    • Economy - Business and finance
    • Science - Science, health, and environment
    • Discussion - Miscellaneous discussion, interdisciplinary topics
    • Info - Rules and information threads
    • Mixed News - Threads with diverse interesting news or topic, that doesn't really have the potential for a thread.
    Just remember to first and foremost have fun here and use this opportunity to get to know the world and people around you. Let your knowledge grow.

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