Claymore 94- Blades Of Purging

The Players-

Claire- Our Heroine. Her ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time has put her at ground zero, for what may be an apocalyptic event. Let’s see if she can save the day, shall we?

Alicia and Beth- The blades of Purging. Twins trained to be the ultimate weapons by the Organization, they have been sent to kill Riful.

Riful and Dauf- The last remaining creature of the Abyss, and her lover. They seem to be in a spot of trouble at the moment.

Raki and Priscilla- The person Claire loves most and the person she most wants to kill, traveling together! It’s either a recipe for comedy, or tragedy.

The Destroyer- The fused form of Raphelia and Lucelia. I guess Yagi is never going to give this thing a proper name.

Loli of the West vs. the Black Warrior

We open with Riful vs. Alicia, and it immediately seems like the tide is going against Riful She almost doesn’t manage to transform before Alicia takes her head off. As it is Dauf looses a hand trying to help. Riful quickly figures that Isley is dead, and that Alicia’s weakness is Beth. But Beth is very good at evasion ,so it doesn’t work. Riful describes Alicia as a weapon of destruction, specialized only for cutting. And fittingly we cut to Claire.
This month starts off with Riful and Dauf vs. the twins, and it seems that the Twins have all the advantages. I guess that anyone who thought Riful was going to wreck them was dead wrong. And the Organization took measures to eliminate the biggest weakness, the fact Beth is controlling her. Beth is now able to evade attacks very efficiently, with what looks like a similar technique to Maria’s phantom. However if she does so, Alicia slows up. So although Riful and Dauf were unable to capitalize on this, it could be a potential chink in Alicia’s armor. I also smiled when I saw how following Riful’s assessment of Alicia as a weapon for cutting we go to Claire. Even the shot is Claire turning as though someone called her name. It seems to me that this may be foreshadowing Alicia vs. Claire in a awakened or partially awakened state. And lets face it, Claire would probably win in a cutting contest. Instead of two limbs, Claire has dozens of deadly cutting Blades. And Alicia’s attack style resembles that of Ophelia, and we all know how well that fares against the Quicksword…

Ground Zero For Doomsday-

Claire senses the twins and is amazed at the progress they’ve made in seven years. And shocked, because she shouldn’t know enough about them to tell they’ve made progress. Seems some of what Raphelea gave her is coming out. Speaking of coming out, the Destroyer sends spears out that nearly hit Claire. Then she makes a halo out of her tongues and sends spears flying. Helen and Deneve chose this time to arrive at Claire’s location too…
It seems that Raphelia gave Claire a great deal of general knowledge to Claire, as she now knows at least a little bit about the twins. I imagine that this will be very useful when the time comes to directly attack the organization. But she has a more immediate concern, as the Destroyer attacks her. I got to admit that I love how Helen asks Claire what she’s done “This time.” Seems that the ghosts have gotten used to Claire finding trouble. Thing is that this trouble is going to affect everyone…

Death Rains From The Heavens-

Alicia and Beth sense the spears coming, and dodge, but the larger Riful and Dauf aren’t so lucky, and get holes blasted in them. And it’s not just them. Yuma has to grab Cynthia and take her to safety, and the town Raki and Priscilla is in also gets nailed, destroying several houses and killing several people. Helen thanks Claire for saving her and Deneve, but Claire tells them not to. The spears begin to transform, and Claire declares the true hell to have begun…
And that is how you end on a cliffhanger. Things look awful for Riful and Dauf, as the spears badly injured both of them, while the sisters are unharmed. Raki and Priscilla are in a town that got nailed by them. One nice touch there is Priscilla saving Raki from being hit, just by getting him to turn at the right moment. Looks like the two of them are about to be in a fight, and I can’t help but wonder if the scent of blood from the corpses might tempt Priscilla a little. We get a great moment for Yuma as she saves Cynthia. And we end on an ominous note as the spears are turning into some sort of creature. My guess is that they are either a defensive measure of the Destroyer’s and will attack anything giving of Yoki, or are going to feed, then be reabsorbed for nutrition by it. Sadly I don’t think any of them landed in the Organizations headquarters, as it would be to far away.
Winner of the Month-
Yuma. It was a hard decision with Alicia proving to be so deadly, and the Destroyer being so destructive or even Priscilla's subtle save of Raki. But nothing stands out as much as this one moment of Yuma’s and the perfect line she says.