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Thread: Bettenchi - Chapter 24

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    Bettenchi - Chapter 24


    Chapter 24 - When clouds turn black

    Previously on Bettenchi

    Sara warned team to about dangers in Demon World. After hearing Sara's thoughs team decided to trust her and don't rush . Hitsuga returned sword back to Sara and team welcomed her. In the Demon World , Reko is planning to send someone to Human World to confirm three left Shadow Reapers location and find important item to prevent repeating events which happened in the past .

    Somewhere in Akaito city

    Some guy is standing near food market. He wears a hat - brown , trousers - brown, wrap over his neck - red , waistcoat - grey , shirt with long sleeves with symbols on it - white . eyes - yellow . hair is visible from the edges of hat - grey.

    Market guy : As always ?

    ??? : Yeah. One with mushrooms and two with cheese and chicken .

    Market guy : Sure Haze , wait few minutes.

    Haze turns back and watches at the street and people walking.

    Haze ( thoughs )'s very quiet here these past few days. Silence before the storm , huh ?

    He turns his eyes at the sky

    Haze ( thoughs ) rain today...

    Market guy comes with three food boxes

    Market guy : Here's your order Haze

    Haze : Thanks, here's your cash.

    Haze pays for food and takes all three food boxes and puts them into basket on the ground. He takes basket and walks away.

    Ten minutes later near green hill with four trees in the top of it . In other side down the hill, there's place with no trees , a small house made of tree is standing in the right. Near that house there's a table with two benches in both sides

    A girl and a guy are sitting on those benches . Girl is wearing black clothes. Hair is long dark purple and eyes are weakly red. Guy sitting on the other bench is short spiky black haired. His eyes are bright brown . He wears dark blue jacket, dark green jeans. He has sun glasses over his hair .

    They both notices Haze walking from the forest which surrounds the hill.

    Guy : There he is !!! Hurry up bastard !!! I'm starwing here !!!

    Haze replys

    Haze : Shut up Ren !!! You always bring food cold !!!

    Ren : That because many girls ask me for the date !!!

    Girl : Uh... you guys are so troublesome

    Haze walks near and puts basket over the table

    Haze : Dates !!! I don't see you going on any dates !!!

    Ren : That's because I have to spent my days here !!!

    Haze : If you don't like it you can go and do things on your own !!!

    Ren : What !?? You want me to go away !!?? No way I'm leaving you two alone , what you will do without me if you are in trouble !!!?

    Haze : I never said I want you to go away !!! You think we can't handle things on our own !!!

    Girl takes one of the food box and starts eating while looking at those two screaming at eachother

    Ren : Admit it, without me you would be lost

    Haze : What the hell are you talking about !!!?? You would be lost without us !!! Not us !!!

    Ren : Oh yeah !!!??

    Haze : YEAH !!!

    Ren : FINE !!!

    Ren sits on bench and takes his food box and starts eating all of a sudden

    Haze : Tch...

    Haze takes his box and eats too

    Haze : Amaya, how is it ?

    Amaya : It's fine...

    Haze : Any strangers today, Ren ?

    Ren : Nope.

    Haze : It's really quiet these days isn't it ?

    Ren : Yeah, and it's really boring...

    Amaya : I don't care...

    Ren : It's you, that's why you don't care

    Amaya : I have to deal with you two , so you deal with me

    Haze : Ok , lets not fight here.

    Ren : Who gives you right to order us ? huh huh !!!??

    Amaya : ...not again...

    Haze : If we were listening to you , we would go nowhere , but graves.

    Ren : That was only one time , I learned from my mistake !!!

    Haze : What about last week ?

    Ren : Hey ! I did nothing , it was an accident .

    Haze : You were responsible for that !!!

    Ren : No !!! You are the leader, you were responsible !!!

    Haze : You want that responsibility ?! Have it , if you want !!!

    Ren : No way , I'm fine this way !!!

    Haze puts his palm on his face

    Haze : Ugh...

    Amaya : -__- Damn sun... where's rain when you want it...

    Couple hours later

    All tree of thme are on the hill under the three shadow watching the city

    Haze lies on the ground , his hat covers his face , Ren is staning over the three branch and Amaya is sitting in the three shadows.

    Ren : Ehh... that's odd... Amaya look over there

    Ren points at the sky

    Amaya : Oh...finally, rain .

    Ren : I'm not about rain, look how fast dark clouds are forming

    Amaya : That's strange . Haze...I think we may have company...

    Haze : Huh !? What ?!

    His hat falls on the grass and then he looks at the sky

    Dark clouds are appearing in one spot in the sky and spreads. Clouds are spinning slowly . In few momments half of visible sky clouds turns dark. It stops spinning and thunder with lightning appears. But it's not raining .

    Suddenly three dark clouds forms and goes down from sky to the ground. They are spinning and continues closing near the ground . In next minute three tornado like clouds hits the hill. When they cuts off near the sky and starts gathering on the hill in three spots .

    Ren : I think we do have a company

    Amaya : Since then they are appearing with clouds... ?

    Dark clouds froms three demons. They look the same , but each has different eyes . One in the right has two purple eyes , one in the middle has one purple and one red eye , one in left had one red and purple eye

    All of a sudden all three of them opens their mounths and starts gathering energy balls . One gathers red color ball , middle one gathers purple and left one gathers black energy .

    Amaya : Buro-chi !

    Haze : Naifu !

    Ren : Hane !

    After they release their items , demons stops gathering energy and all three of them turns into clouds again and gathers into one spot making one cloud. Two eyes appears in the dark cloud, left one is red and right one is purple.

    ??? : Targets confirmed

    Next time : Chapter 25 - Fallen Shadow Reaper

    Attacks :

    *Buro-chi - brooch, soul release
    *Naifu - knife , soul release
    *Hane - feather , soul release

    Enjoy ! =) Sorry not a long chapter , and sorry if there's any writing mistakes, I can't check them now. I will draw a picture for next chapter, maybe even few ^^ But we will see...
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