Chapter 25 - Fallen Shadow Reaper

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Three Shadow Reapers were introduced : Haze , Amaya and Ren . They all live in small wooden house near Akaito City. In the end of the chapter while they were watching ove the city on the hill, dark clouds appeared. With them...someone else...

Dark clouds are forming a figure. Team looks surprised

Amaya : What is that ?

Haze : Don't seem to be friendly...

Ren turns at his teammates shouting

Ren : It's a demon , what else do you want to know !!??

Voice in the cloud appears

??? : Demon...? Look closer... heh heh

Team is shocked

Haze : What are ... you ?

Amaya : Are you...

Ren : ...human ?

Cloud finally forms completely. And it's Deira. More than a half of her body is taken by demons soul

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Deira : I'm human , indeed. But I'm special , just like you... I have Shadow Reapers soul .

Haze : What !?

Ren : Just what happened with you ?

Amaya : ...

Deira : But I have something extra you will never have... Not just humans and shadow reapers part, but demons too, heh . No one else, ever had such power.

Amaya : That means... you are...

Deira : Yes, with Demons...heh

Haze : Why you came here , to kill us !?

Deira : warn you... that soon your peace will be over , heh .

Ren : Tch... screw you !!! We will put you all down !!!

Haze : Calm down Ren !

Deira : Hmm... why don't you try to take me down , first ?

Ren's patience brakes

Ren : I will shut you off !!!

Ren puts his both hand back

Ren : Shiraha !!!

White glowing feather appears in both palms , then he throws them towards Deira. Both feather flys fast crookedly at her while spinning around.

Deira raises her right hand and with that small dark cloud appears in the way of feathers. Both feather dissapears in the cloud.

Deira : Hmh... darkness eats light...

Haze and Amaya decides to attack

Haze : Lets see how you handle this !

Haze throws long yellow glowing chain with small knife in the end at Deira . Chain is comming from his left sleeve. In seconds chain wraps around Deira's body and locks her from any movement .

Amaya : Teiatsu !!!

Amaya's right fist starts glowing red . She fastly moves her hand in the right and that red energy flys away from hand at Deira .

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While chain holds Deira , Amaya's energy hits the ground near Deira's feet , eart brakes and small energy waves appears from earth gaps. In few seconds it takes over more than 10 metres of area. And then all earth in that area starts glowing. After that earth starts shaking and huge eart parts moves crushing Deira. Some dust covers the area. Haze's chain comes back undamaged.

Haze : Well done Amaya.

Amaya : I doubt she's done for... I can feel her heart beating...

Ren : ...

All of a sudden Deira brakes through earth in the middle near them , she jumps out and moves her hands to the sides .

Deira : Shuurai...

Purple lightning covers her body and going through both hands it hits the team.

Ren : Ugh !!!

Haze : Gwah !

Amaya : Uh... !!!

They all fall on the ground two metres away from Deira

Deira : You are weaker than me... heh, maybe you would like to join our side and become stronger ?

None of teammates getting up, they are like paralyzed

Haze : No way , we will join someone like demons...

Deira : Though so...

Deira turns at Akaito City

Deira : Since I don't have any business here, I guess I should give you a gift... heh... ta ta

Deira waves to them and turns into dark cloud , then dissapears .

Ren : What she meant by "gift" ?

Haze and Ren trys to stand up

Haze : Ugh... she's very strong...

Amaya looks at the dark sky

Amaya : Ah... so nice... but so evil...

Scene changes to Akaito city center

Deira appears in the center of street, people who walks in it notices Deira and stares at her terrified.

Deira : Here's your gift...heh

Deira raises her hand aiming into the huge dark cloud in the sky

Deira : Doragon !!!

By saying this she fastly aims her hand into the ground where she was standing. Then dark cloud forms huge dragons head with red eyes , it opens his mouth and flys down to the center of the city .

On the hill. Team notices huge cloud dragon over the city.

Ren : ?

Haze : Noo !!!

Amaya : Oh no...

Cloud dragon reaches the ground and hits with brutal force and purple lightning over it. Falling building sound appears , earth shakes. After ten seconds it stops and dark cloud vanishes with Deira .

Haze falls on his knees

Haze : No... we...we failed to protect our city...

Amaya stares at the city with sad face. Center of the city is completely gone.

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Attacks :

*Shiraha - white feather ,
*Teiatsu - low pressure,
*Shuurai - lightning strike,

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Human and Demon world merge begins. Fight against a fallen friend , entering the Demon World ...soon
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Hazure - Haze's characters attacks and other development