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Thread: Magazine Sales

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    Re: Magazine Sales

    Quote Originally Posted by jagman1x3 View Post
    Gundam Ace, Asuka, and Newtype are on the list too. There's also Dragon Age, which is usually grouped together with the Ace magazines despite being from Fujimi Shobo. If we're counting all of Kadokawa's subsidaries' magazines and not just Kadokawa Shoten's lineup, then Comic Beam and the Dengeki magazines (Daioh, Daioh G, Maoh, Sylph) should also count. Strange that they didn't report on Young Ace and all the Media Factory magazines, though.
    Amended on closer inspection, but... thanks? It's not really strange. All of the publishers leave magazines off, it means a lot of nothing. Ciao was left off for years despite being the top circulation shoujo magazine for so long (it used to be up in the 800,000 range). Kadokawa left Shounen Ace off for years. Not a mystery worth thinking about. Leaving Harta off probably is meaningless. The only real reason to care about magazine circulation is to see how far everything has fallen, what's been falling fastest and find the few, temporary exceptions.

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    LaLa DX is published six times a year. That's at least one listed magazine published less than once a month.
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    Re: Magazine Sales

    This thread needs more memes
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