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Thread: your ideas on how to used the blossom technique effectively

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    your ideas on how to used the blossom technique effectively

    since we have time here is something to ponder for a while during the long hiatus

    Spoiler show

    from previous example we have learn that Shioon is not properly or using the techniques
    correctly so i have been wondering what could be accomplish under the guide of a master

    here is one of my scenarios that might help him improve and feel free to add your's in the commnet section

    (number one) using the outer body training method to fight himself
    knowing his weakness so the enemy can't gain an opening and defeat him

    by facing himself over and over again he well notice his wrong and correct himself

    the Ex Maa chief did say in his conversation with 9 art that his greatest strength is also his weakness

    it could be the same with shioon as his master taught him he could also share the same weakness
    as him

    my other idea is shioon under the meditation training could makes a lot of clones

    so he could work on many things at the same time and advance forward

    until he fight in the tournament

    any way let me know if you have any ideas
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    Re: your ideas on how to used the blossom technique effectively

    Quote Originally Posted by mup
    your ideas on how to used the blossom technique effectively
    You can use it to relax with all the girls he met so far

    But if you talk about an actual training, then i gues he still lack the basics, he should turn matrix on and train jumps (from/to buildings/helicopters), reflexes (dodge bullets/knifes/arrows), speed/balance (like what Kenichi did with those bricks and Elder) and focus more on perception (to detect presence and use spider sences).

    Aside from that i agree about "fight yourself" thing but with condition he already managed to beat other projections, in order to move forward your challenge must raise, and if current Shioon cant beat Hyuk's projection then there is no point in fighting Shioon's projection, becase it will be a step back...well with a couple more conditions...i think, peoples will try to study Shioon's style(habbits, weaknesses etc.) and look for way to counter him, with this in mind it will be wise to know about those blind spots yourself and prepare some countermeasures to surprise opponents.
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