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Thread: Claymore Chapter 95- Incarnations of Destruction- Review

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    Claymore Chapter 95- Incarnations of Destruction- Review

    Well here comes my review for Chapter 95 of Claymore, although I'm running a bit later than I intended. Oh well. Now in the intrests of drumming up some reader interactivity, I'm going to be posting polls with my reviews each month from now on. So enjoy.

    Claymore Chapter 95- Incarnations of Destruction-Review

    The Players-

    Claire- Our Heroine. She's been given Raphelia's memories. They seem to be helping, and she'll need all the help she can get.

    Deneve- The former number 14 who regenerates well. She'll be needing that.

    Helen- The former number 22 who has a strong attack. Sadly the wrong tool for this job.

    Riful and Dauf- The last Creature of the Abyss and her lover. Not doing well.

    Alicia and Beth- The Organizations ultimate weapons. Were doing well last chapter, but not anymore.

    The Cat girls From Hell- Not the official name but fitting. The spawns of the Destroyer that emerged from the spikes shot out.

    Catgirl Apocalypse-

    It quickly becomes clear that the spikes are assuming a familiar form. They greatly resemble the Awakened form of Lucelea, who is after all one half of the Destroyer that spawned them. It quickly becomes clear that these things, witch I have personally nicknamed Cat girls from hell are very dangerous foes. They move fast, are aggressive, and have some very dangerous powers. When an arm gets chopped off, they can grow impaling tentacles. But that's not the worst thing they can do when injured. They also can grow vibrating blades, from the shoulders at least. But the most dangerous power they have comes out when they are injured. They shoot a smaller version of the rods they formed from and begin to parasitize their victim. It's unclear if the energy drained is siphoned off into the Catgirl that shot it, or if the rods grow into a new catgirl. It's also unclear if this only drains Yoki, or if it drains life force in general. Hopefully we'll find out next chapter. Then again it might be better for the cast if we never find out... Finally the Cat girls are very hard to put down. Since they are nothing more than chunks of flesh sent out to destroy by the destroyer, they have no vitals. Even destroying the head doesn't stop them. The good news is that the Cat girls are mindless and will run out of energy after a while if they can't hit a target with the rods. So it seems like the best strategy would be to try and evade the Cat girls until they run out of energy. But will that be possible?

    Rocket Punch!-

    As for the Claymores, we get some good action from Claire, Helen and Deneve. Claire is demonstrating an innate knowledge of the powers the Cat girls posses. Perhaps this is part of what she got from Raphael? But the Claymore who really gets the crazy awesome moment is Deneve. With her arm being parasitized, she rips it off and throws it at her foe! Okay, it didn't do much, but it was awesome. Maybe it'll be a super if they ever make a Claymore fighting game? We also learn that she's now able to regenerate much easier than before, and apparent side effect of repressing her Yoki for seven years. As for Helen, she comes off the weakest in this chapter, having to be saved twice by Claire, and finding that her preferred attack doesn't do the right kind of damage for these foes. Poor Helen, hopefully she'll get to do something cool next chapter.

    They Maybe Monsters, But They Know Love-

    We then get Riful back in her human form dragging Dauf. Seems that She was forced to return to her human form. I've noticed that for whatever reason Yagi seems to dislike showing us the whole fight for the Abyssal ones. Anyways Dauf wants Riful to leave him and save herself, something she's unwilling to do. In fact she threatens to let him heal up just so that she can beat him back up for saying that. So no matter what you might think of their characters, you got to admit they do love and care about each other. So the two are less monstrous than say, the abyssal feeders. Speaking of which, a couple of them show up and one eats Riful's arm before she can kill it. Riful can no longer regenerate her arm, and it looks bad, when the Abyssal Feeders get shredded... By Alicia? Riful's just as confused as we are, then notices that part of Alicia's face is reverting back to human. What's going on?

    So Much For The Ultimate Weapon-

    Turns out the problem is with Beth. Somehow one of the Huge spikes shot out by the destroyer got her right in the stomach. And now it's invading her and begining to transform. But into what? The way this is framed makes it seem like it's not going to be a normal catgirl from hell, but something even more fearsome.
    In Conclusion-
    A lot of action this chapter. We learn just what is coming out of the spikes, and it is a very bad bit of news. The Cat girls from Hell are going to prove to be a huge threat, and honestly I don't think it matters how many of them get destroyed because they are nothing more that empty chunks of flesh acting on reflex. To truly stop this hell, someones got to kill the Destroyer. But who? The ghosts look to have their hands full with just the Cat girls, Riful is exhausted, Alicia is awakening, and Beth is probably dead in the first five pages of next chapter. At the very least I figure that before long the Organization is going to lose their strongest weapon, and Riful is going to be gone. The question is how many of the Ghosts will survive?
    Winner of the Month-

    The Cat girls From Hell. They may be mindless, or literally brainless, but they are dangerous, and look to be a serous threat. The worst part is easily the rods they shoot out. Even one of them in a offensive type Claymore could be crippling, and a shot to the torso of anyone could be fatal.

    Need to make an announcement. I may be late with Next Months review, as I might end up having to serve jury duty. So if the review isn't up when it usually is, don't worry. I'll still try to get it done eventually.
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