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Thread: ~ Bleach Theater and Arcade Index ~

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    ~ Bleach Theater and Arcade Index ~



    This Index gives you a short view over the Bleach Theater & Arcade subforum and all available threads to make your life a little bit easier and to avoid double posts. You can search and navigate around here and we will keep this Index up-to-date.

    If you find any mistakes, ambiguity or missing threads, just send 3c, thornofcarrion, Darjaille, Miyagi or any of the Globals/Admins a PM and we will take care of it as soon as possible

    Note: This thread will be broken down into categories based upon the thread prefixes, and, to make navigation easier, there is an "Index of the Index" which contains said categories, which will bring you direct to where you want to look.

    Data Mesh

    Check out these threads for information concerning this section.

    Welcome to Bleach Theater & Arcade
    The rules of this section and an explanation of the thread prefixes

    The Bleach Theater & Arcade is now Open!!
    A historic announcement of the opening of this section

    ~ Bleach Theater and Arcade Index ~
    This thread

    Post All "What Chapter / Episode...?" Questions Here
    Can't find where a certain event took place in the anime? Use this thread which is La Biblioteca de Bleach

    Data Mesh
    The Mega Convo thred for this section

    Bleach Theater & Arcade Mega Convo Thread

    Discussions on specific episodes

    The discussion thread for the most recently aired episode will be pinned here. All threads for older episodes can be found here.

    Threads about the anime series not specific to an episode

    ANIME - Bleach filler and the manga
    Anime dangerously closing in with the Manga
    Bleach air date changing
    Bleach Cast Interview
    Bleach Fillers are Ending in Spring 2007
    Bleach Fillers Killing the Story?
    Bleach in HD ?
    Bleach Kai - Would you wish that ?
    Bleach Licenced
    Bleach Tagalog Dub Cast and Premiere Revealed!!!
    Bleach VIBES Book
    Could the extra Flashback chapters be coming up in a few episodes?
    Dattebayo Dropping Bleach O= ?
    Deviation in Manga and Anime [spoilers from manga inside]
    Does anyone know why the latest Bleach canon storyline is so dysfunctional?
    english bleach promo
    english voice cast
    Episode 8 = very Big spoiler!
    Espada Grimjow voiced by Suwabe Junichi
    Filler of Filler?? Is that Possible??
    Future Bleach episode Titles
    Has anyone noticed the quincy design on ichigo's blanket?
    How do you think they'll censor the remaining revealing Halibel scenes in the anime?
    I smell another Filler Arc coming soon
    More fillers...yay...
    Must watch episodes list
    Naruto easter egg in ep169?
    New anime arc censoring blood? (spoilers)
    New Anime Arc info? Contains Spoilers!!!
    New Fillers Preview
    New op and ed starting on ep.144
    OVA Scans...
    Question about Bleach anime to - Manga
    Spoiler warning: Hints of Bleach fillers ending in the new opening song
    The New Bleach Anime Arc Is Super Well Animated
    What do you think the next filler arc should be about??
    Where can I find RAW episodes of BLEACH?
    which anime episodes are fillers and do i have to watch them to get the story?
    Who's the owner of Muramasa?
    Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc - story flaw

    Who or what is your favorite? Who is greater than whom? Decide and discuss here

    Bleach movie in December in Japan
    [DB] Bleach - Memories of Nobody out now
    Bleach Movie 2 : The DiamondDust Rebellion
    Bleach Movie 3 : Fade to Black - I Call Your Name
    Bleach Movie 4
    Did any one notice...
    Is the second movie better than the first?
    Warner Brothers in Film Talks for Bleach Manga

    A place where you can discuss about games based on popular series Bleach

    Bleach: Blade Battlers 2
    Bleach: Heat The Soul 3
    Bleach : Heat The Soul 4
    Bleach: Heat the Soul 5
    Bleach: Heat the Soul 6
    Bleach: Heat the Soul 7
    Bleach Soul Carnival for PSP
    Bleach Soul Carnival 2 and Torosaki !!!
    Bleach Wii Imported?
    Bleach Wii Versus Crusade
    RPG "Legend of Bleach" released!
    Silly flash game
    Unohana playable character???
    When Bleach PS3 Released?
    Would you like to play all Bleach characters in a fighting game?

    Discuss the songs and sounds you hear in Bleach media

    Bleach Openings and Endings
    Bleach OST 4?
    Bleach Rock Musical
    Bleach TV Animation OST 2
    I remixed the bleach soundtracks
    New OP and ED themes for bleach anime
    OST Question
    What are your favorite audio touches in the anime that can't be conveyed clearly or at all in the manga?

    Find the music videos and other fan-made videos based on Bleach here.

    Amazing Bleach AMV
    (BIG SPOILER) Animated Ichi vs Ulq Fight Short Clips (no music and amv)
    Ichigo VS Grimmjow

    Find topics of Bleach discussion that cross the lines of manga and anime.

    Bleach : Anime vs. Manga
    Current Filler Arc Villain & Aizen
    Gin Stronger than Aizen
    subtle clues
    The way anime portrays canon
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