What side are you in? Pro or anti? Discuss them here!

I honestly think the better choise is Pro Registration.
It's a great idea, I mean come on, a SuperHero is a potent criminal, and a destroyer o killer...even if the hero didn't want to hurt someone. I wouldnt want my neighbor to protect me all the time only because he can, I'd like the police to do it. And seriously, the only point that I see Captain America making is that Superheroes should not register because they have superpowers. In reality (which is exactly what comics want to reproduce but with the presence of super-humas) a police has to be registerd, any soldier has to be registered, hell, even teachers who work with children have to be registered. Also, take in notice that in real life Vigilantes are illegal.

The Initiative, which is the training of those who posses super powers was also an excelent idea.

Seriously I see no downsides, I just think it was poorly executed.