Here in Portugal, or at least in my school, we have a class called Área de Projecto. Basically what we do is group projects that have something to do with the course we decided to study in. I'm studying in an art course, and my group's project is to create a graphic novel. Everybody in my group (including me) has pitched an idea/premise which is to be included in the story. I've been trying to come up with a story, but in my opinion it's be sub-par so far.

Basically my story was about a mysterious student who has gone missing and a group of friends who decide to discover the mystery behind his disappearance. As it turns out he was interested in the occult and often accompanied a mysterious cult, part of an ancient secret society, with one of the members being a teacher from the kids' school. As it turns out, the missing student turns out to be the "villain" (or something similar at least) and is trying to reach a different world whose door is located somewhere in a forest.

Not the most original thing right? So anyway, I was wondering if anyone could either write a different story altogether, or add/remove elements to keep the story from being generic.

The story must (or at least should) include these ideas/premises:
- A mysterious student who goes missing.
- A secret society.
- Witchcraft, the occult and an alchemist character.
- Mystery being solved by a group of friends.
- A portal/door to another world.
- The disappearance of various students.
- A peach tree (which should serve as a symbolic image if possible).

I'd be immensely thankful if someone could help me out with this. By the way, if this isn't the right place for this topic could a mod maybe move it?