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Thread: Constructive Critisism

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    Exclamation Constructive Critisism

    Constructive criticism, is a compassionate attitude towards the artist whose picture you're commenting on. Tell what you like, what you don't like and why. Post with respect, kindness but don't hesitate to use heavy arguments to convince him/her that you're right. You always post to make the artist more motivated to continue. You don't bash someone, neither do you say "I love it" without explaining why. We're all in the same boat and we should help each other to our fullest. This community has a lot of great artists, and a lot of artists who still has a lot left to go. We want to push them to reach their max capacity, and through constructive criticism, it'll be much easier for them to reach their own top.

    This section has had a huge amount of spam, equal to the gratitude spam and it's time to decrease the amount - and hopefully stop it. It's time to stop just say Omg that's nice or I like it and start say Omg that's nice. Your colours is very well combined and I like how you decreased the opacity while giving light.... or I like it because you really succeeded in adding the emotions... You should neither think twice about giving criticism if you don't like it. Give tips, support and try to make him or her more motivated to try again. It's okay to sound harsh, as long as the criticism is supportive and friendly. There's two ways to say that someone's bad.

    Neither is gratitude spam welcomed anymore. If someone gives you criticism, don't just write "Thanks", use the button instead. But of course, feel free to reply but elaborate on why you're thanking the user.
    No, I don't mean Thanks for the critic. I mean that you should feel more than welcome to thank, and start a conversation, ask for more tips, tell them why you did what you did, if you agree, disagree etc.

    Together we can make this place better. It's not up to the moderators or admins to make sure this section becomes a spam-free zone. It's up to you. You should want this to become a spam-free zone and to be a great place where people would want to post their arts, not only to be praised, but also to know why. Giving more constructive criticism lets the artists know what they need to improve, and why, and when more people give them this type of criticism, the better they will get.

    So, to sum up.
    • Spam = Not that much improvement in arts
    • Constructive Criticism = More improvement in arts
    • Not that much improvement in arts = Bad
    • More improvement in arts = Good
    • Spam = Bad
    • Constructive Criticism = Good

    Happy posting,

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