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Thread: Kurosaki Ichigo (Random Ichigo Panels. Old New)

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    In angst cuz I don't know if Kawamori got rid of that damn dog and made Kagura main hero
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    Re: Kurosaki Ichigo (Random Ichigo Panels. Old New)

    Quote Originally Posted by Marfil View Post
    Thanks for sharing benderzZ draws. Is there a way to follow his art somewhere, aside Deviantart (he doesn't upload all his works there)?
    Sorry for my late reply. Nope...I am a stalker of graphic artists and colorists. I don't use colorings that weren't done for me specifically or at least given to me. Unless it's so bad ass and I can't find the owner. I have pride Something I am known for--besides having really high standards because my signatures and shadings must be hotter than everyone else

    Majority of his works were done for me--not all but most of shadings were done as per my request. I also have versions that he doesn't put on DA. I think it's because of photobucket it makes the images blurry. Aside from my photobucket--Ichigowife--DO NOT TOUCH MY SIGNATURES- and knowing his personal friends ( I stalk them too for colorings by him)

    No there isn't any other way---sorry

    Can someone make me a new Ichigo set?

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    Re: Kurosaki Ichigo (Random Ichigo Panels. Old New)

    This thread needs more memes

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