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Thread: LoneLobo's One Piece Quadruple-Review: Chapter 561-564

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    WSJ Pirate LoneLobo's One Piece Quadruple-Review: Chapter 561-564

    Greetings, and welcome to a LoneLobo Review Double-Review Triple-Review Quadruple-Review. Oh my god xD This happened because I had to prepare two presentations in just two weeks and on top of that I'm sick right now... yeah, poor me. But what's a better way to cheer me up than doing a review for four chapters? So, let's get started.

    Chapter 561: Luffy vs. Mihawk


    It's been a long time since we got some Mihawk action, and now that we finally get some it's against Luffy. Rubber + Sword = Not good? Damn right. But let's take a look at Mihawks fighting style. When Luffy disappears, he is able to find him right away. The air-pressure attack he uses then just attacks Luffy, it doesn't scratch any other person at all.
    When Luffy then tries to attack him, he realises that his arm is in danger and stops his own attack in this short amound of time. Wow, not bad. Reminds a bit of his fight against Crocodile (he did something similiar back then). Mihawk tells the truth when he says how clear minded Luffy is right now. And he's so right. Luffy isn't doing that crazy stuff right now, his only wish is to reach Ace.
    But what happens then? Mihawk does an extreme attack and splits the ice berg in two. And it crashes right on top of the battle ships... coincidence? Maybe Mihawk didn't care, but maybe he wants to help Luffy and Whitebeard, but is unable to do because he could lose his status. With this it seems like an accident.

    Mihawk Part II

    A short break to Crocodile (who launches a sandstorm and catches Buggy, lol) and we're back to Luffy. Mihawk atttacks Luffy, but I don't think he is going all out. He just wants to see what Luffy will do if he pushes him further away from Ace. Well, Luffy catches Buggy and uses him as a scapegoat. Lol, I laughed so hard at that. But not a bad choice, as Buggy is Mihawk's natural enemy. After Mihawk slices Buggy up a lot, Buggy uses his famous Muggy Ball which of course does NOT works. He is blasted away, but this gives Luffy the opportunity to advance forward again. Mihawk meanwhile is occupied by Vista.
    Then we get a glimpse of Mihawk's thoughts, which are complimenting Luffy's power to make friends everywhere. And he's so right. Luffy got the jailbreak crew and even talked with Whitebeard as equals. Not much to say to that.
    And then the Pacifistas arrive....

    Chapter 562: Pirate Great Swirling Spider Squad!

    Rise of the machines

    An army of Pacifistas arrives at the scene, lead by Sentomarou. There are at least twenty of them plus the original one fighting Ivankov. Interesting fact a pirate mentions: Corpses (!) were sent to Vegapunk. So the Pacifistas are something like... an army of Frankenstein? Dead bodies, experimented on and transformed into clones of Kuma. Nonetheless, when they start to attack, it is really an extreme attack of lasers with no concern for the battle ships. Whitebeard now orders them to advance forward and ignore the PX-Army. Easy to say, because now the pirates are experiencing firsthand the abilities of the PX-Army.

    Luffy and Kizaru meet again

    Kizaru appears and kicks Luffy [at the speed of light =P]. Now let's take a closer look at that. Yes, he hits him. And yes, I think it hurt Luffy. But there's not much damage done. In the end it was "just" kick, and physical attacks just don't work so well on Luffy. A small advantage against this Logia.
    Luffy is stopped by Jimbei and a bunch of Squad Captains now face off against Kizaru. A few chapters ago we thought Jimbei would fight Moria, but screw that. Moria is back on his feet and faces now off against another Squad Captain as well. One small note: Vista is fightning pretty good against Mihawk, I'm impressed.
    Marine HQ tries to cut all connections but there's a small factor playing not in their favor: The inpredictable Buggy factor. At first I thought Buggy would be a fine addition to this arc, but right now? He pisses me off. I think Oda is "wasting" a few panels on him. Oh well.


    Now we come to the most shocking page in this whole chapter. Squad goes towards Whitebeard and then stabs him right through the stomach. Man, that was shocking. On the big panel on the right Whitebeard doesn't show any reaction, but on the panel on the left we see his surprise. So even if he anticipated this attack, it seems he was in no position to counter it. He just didn't notice. I don't think this has to do with this kind of sneak attack by a "son" of him. I think he would've seen this coming in his prime, but now he is past this prime. The next chapter deals with exactly that.

    Chapter 563: One heart, one man

    The Reason

    So, why would Squad stab Whitebeard? We get a good answer in the first half of this chapter, therefore I will not summarize it again. Let us jump to page 10. FINALLY Buggy shuts up by being frozen. Man, I love that panel. Finally no more panels on him. (I hope...). Before the public can grab the situation Aokiji freezes them. So the government was afraid of being found out, hm?
    Crocodile is pissed at Whitebeard because he doesn't remember him being so weak. Like I said in chapter 562, Whitebeard is past his prime. And like I said a few chapters ago, I think Crocodile was defeated by Whitebeard in the past and therefore went over to the "dark side" (because you know, the dark side has cookies ). Seeing Whitebeard being stabbed just like that is just unbearable for him. Marco remembers Whitebeard taking off the medical equipment before the battle, so Whitebeard is in a weakened state and without his treatments I expect it to get worse. Everyone who voted for Whitebeard dying in this battle... I think your chances are getting better.

    One heart, one man

    So, Akainu was the bad person who lied to Squad. It had to be him, because Aokiji and Kizaru aren't that type of persons. We get a glimpse of Whitebeards great personality when he says "You may be a fool, but I still love you." Man, what a great character/captain/father. In a nice move he destroys the ice walls and gives his pirates a way to escape. Now they can decide for themselves if they should believe in Whitebeard or not. But with this move he also seems to draw them over to his side again.
    The last page concludes the drama of Whitebeard getting weaker. He thinks to himself that he can't be the strongest forever. After all, he is just a normal person. Even if they call himself the man closest to being the pirate king, he is just one man. And he knows that. After all this years I think Whitebeard may be a bit tired of being referred to as being the strongest man in the world.
    And then Whitebeard finally starts to move.

    Chapter 564: The man that rocks the world

    Nobody fucks with Whitebeard

    Whitebeard jumps down (notice the blood coming from his wound) and attacks. His crew knows him well enough to open up a path for him. Meanwhile, Squad is crying and feels sorry. At the execution side Ace looks shocked (he does that all the time, doesn't he?) while the Marines talk about some siege walls. One last jump to Luffy, who admires Whitebeard for attacking despite being stabbed. Back to Whitebeard. He faces John Giant and stops a downside swing by this giant with just one hand. He has to have superhuman strength to be able to stop that. Whitebeard starts a quake attack which seems to take quite some time to prepare. But this ain't no normal earthquake. This is the strongest quake Whitebeard has unleashed until now. The island is shaken pretty hard and John Giant plus a lot of marines lose their foothold. In a great double-spread we see the total effects of the quake. Now, let's think about it a bit more. Imagine Whitebeard 30-50 years younger during his prime. And now imagine him releasing a quake at full power. It's no wonder he gets called the man with the power to destroy the world. Really frightening idea.

    Nobody fucks with Whitebeard II

    While the town gets destroyed, Whitebeard launches another quake directed at John Giant. John goes down (one wasted character?), but the quake goes through him and directly to the platform. However, when you look closely you can see that it doesn't touch the platform and there is some kind of bubble around it. Or a shield (man, that sounds sci-fi). The next page shows the three admirals with their hands stretched out in front of them. First, they look stupid. Second, how did they do it? A shield made up of ice, volcano and light? Somehow it's hard to believe. Well, I think they combined their awesomeness and were able to stop it that way. Oh, and they talk about the siege walls again and melting the ice. Foreshadowing!

    Siege Walls Rising

    So, the siege walls are rising. They go around the whole plaza and seem to be made of steel or another really hard material because canon shots seem to be ineffective. Now the bay is completely surrounded by this walls. There are some things to notice here as well. Two of the four ships are already damaged, and a lot of canons are pointing directly at the ice. They are also not going up all the way, because Oars is to heavy and his blood is damaging the system. This is a nice way of showing us that his sacrifice wasn't that useless. But why should they go up further? Well, Akainu starts to use an all-out attack to destroy the ice (and with this the ground the pirates are standing on). The damage done is already seeable. The Moby Dick is hit and we see a lot of pirates getting hurt. What is strange here is Whitebeard: He doesn't care. Or to use a better wording: He isn't that concerned. "We still have a winning chance" shows not just optimism, but I think there is still a way to win.

    Conclusion and Predictions

    So, there happened a lot these chapters. It's a bit sad because every chapter is just 17 pages long with a lot of double-spreads. The pacing is okay, but with 20 pages it would be even better. The situation turned around completely. The appearance of the PX-Army, Whitebeard wounded and now the siege walls show us a dark future. BUT I think there is more to come. Whitebeard still got an ace (Ace... lol) up his sleeve. I have no idea what it is, but there will be more.
    Hopefully I will get to write a normal review next time, because doing four reviews at once is really time consuming. I'm also not so happy with how things turned out in the reviews, but well, I'm sorry.

    Have a nice day


    Credits: All pictures taken from Franky House. They did a great job!
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    Re: LoneLobo's One Piece Quadruple-Review: Chapter 561-564

    ~wow~ What a return ... nice Quadruple-Review

    Sig Credit : Shinsatsu
    Quote Originally Posted by zerocooldx View Post
    In terms of pure intelligence and mental capacity the title belongs to Itachi. The guy could make a cat bark if he wanted to, and do so without his Sharingan.

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    Re: LoneLobo's One Piece Quadruple-Review: Chapter 561-564

    I'm kind of surprise you didn't like the Buggy part. The way I see it, this is part of Buggy's hype to the crowd. Something bad is going to happen (believe me, my something bad is going to happen sense is tingling) and someone is to take the blame. Answer: Buggy!!

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    Re: LoneLobo's One Piece Quadruple-Review: Chapter 561-564

    Thanks a lot. I'm also surprised that you did not show the amazing earthquake WB did on MHQ.

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    Re: LoneLobo's One Piece Quadruple-Review: Chapter 561-564

    The only thing about Whitebeards last thoughts about still winning is that he may have been thinking that right before Akiinu's last attack. Then again he may know something we don't. I'm also wondering what the Admiral's were doing. Here's an idea, maybe they could use their abilities to power, or in Aoikiji's case cool, some sort of barrier device Vegapunk made?

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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