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Thread: Fresh Descend

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    Fresh Descend

    Hello. If you read my introduction. You'll come here and see this..

    A Cross Between a drama, love and adventure.

    Written By ~Sin~
    © ~Sin~ Writing
    Reading Is The Answer

    Fresh Descend

    Short Intro

    What should I do? Is the key Josu, Can he stop the fortune of everything?

    Should I even trust him?

    Its my thought, in my dream, and I will keep the secret until I know the truth. Why will I do this? I guess I know when I fall it's just to painful to remember

    Chapter 1 - Son Of A King

    I pass my father's office, I glance inside and realise he isn't here. I walk on, and find my pet spider, who crawls onto the palm of my hand. I continue my walk, I think about where my father is. He could be anywhere, as he is the king of course!. I gently lean against a wall, and then focus hard. If you wonder what I am doing, well see . . . I have a gift, not something that was given to me, but a gift I possesed, a mere talent. When I focused or just think about something, I can then picture where that "thing" may be. So I think of my father and picture him in the Church.

    My father is a christian alright, he prays twice a day, and specificly prays for my mother, you see she was killed. She was killed when an attack against our village turned into a slaughter that could of killed many, but my mother sacrificed herself, with a charge against their leader, and it worked, but she got killed in the progress, but she saved our village and is truly a saviour and a hero.

    I rush to the church and find him slowly leaving with tears running down his face. He is soft inside, even you think he'd be ruthless since he is a king. Since I'm the son of the king, I am given the honour of controlling the village if my father cannot manage any duty possible. It is tough but I am tough. I will be king after my father. Well Maybe, see . . I have a sister named Aril who could be queen but not until she is older anyway since she is only 7. . . Oh. Oh. Oh. I forgot about GC who's name is really Jesse, she is my other sister but is 4 years older than me. I'm 14 and my name is Julian, my father named me that because its a emperor name.
    I think something is wrong as my father isn't crying over mother it's something eles and I think it is a big problem.

    This is the full chapter (I'm not good at writing really long chapters)
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