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Thread: Amaenaideyo 6 - Uhhh... what does this mean?

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    Amaenaideyo 6 - Uhhh... what does this mean?

    Alright, for starters, here's the page:

    See that text in the third panel? What on earth does that mean in relation to the two panels before it? I'm almost pulling out my beautiful hair from the constant scratching of my head over this. It's baffling.

    To set up the context, Ikkou (the floating dude in the first panel) is experiencing a flashback. In this flashback, he is seeing himself as a kid. That's pretty much all that's been established up to this point.

    Here's the translation I got directly from kognus:
    Quote Quote:
    PAGE 164
    いっこう: Man…What a crybaby… [I took a little liberty, literally more like "Whining is annoying"]

    いっこう: …I could be like that back then…
    Trying to get something I wanted…

    いっこう: And bothering…my mom… [feel free to adjust that line]

    いっこう: …After this
    Next…something happened…
    He translated off a different raw, so the page numbering is off. As far as I can tell, the last two lines (for the second-to-last panel) are irrelevant to this dilemna.

    Here's my proofread version of the page:
    Quote Quote:
    PAGE 164
    Ikkou: Man, what a crybaby…

    Ikkou: Yeah, I could get like that
    when I really wanted something.

    Ikkou: [pending]

    Ikkou: Wait...
    Something happened after this...
    From what I can gather, the first panel is about Ikkou acknowledging how annoying his past self was, the second panel is about him admitting that he could get like, and the third panel is him saying that his being annoying was annoying his mother. Ok... maybe that works in Japanese, but in English it's just redundant. So what on earth should be in that third panel? I'm out of ideas. I've asked several people and they've all turned blanks. I also can't seem to get a hold of kognus right now, so I don't even know if that's accurate.

    Anybody got any ideas?

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    Re: Amaenaideyo 6 - Uhhh... what does this mean?

    Here's how I'd do that page:

    Ikkou: Man...what a crybaby...
    Ikkou: ...I guess I was like that back then...
    Ikkou: demanding everything I wanted...
    Ikkou: causing my much trouble...
    Ikkou: ...and afterwards
    Ikkou: afterwards...something happened...

    Hope that helps!

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