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Thread: Naruto Text-Based MMORPG

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    Naruto Text-Based MMORPG

    Hi folks,

    I'm currently developing a text-based MMORPG based on the Naruto series. My question to you is what you (as die-hard Naruto fan) would absolutely want to see in this game.

    What I've worked out already (not everything has been completed though).
    • Multiple characters per user
    • Hunderds of items, all usable or equipable
    • Equipment system like in the series, comparable to World of Warcraft
    • Inventory worked out etc etc
    • Villages with a kage, who can individually declare war to each other
    • Some economics info
    • Turn based fighting, PvE and PvP
    • Classic blood lines each assigned to a different village to keep the balance up
    • Hunderds of jutsu's and character specialisation in certain jutsu for more damage/effect
    • and some more..

    This is only a grasp of what I've thought about, but it's just too much to write down here.

    If you got any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to post them here!

    P.S. If I like you're idea than I'm mostly likely to implant it into the system I have so far. And if I decide to implant it you'll be certain of a Beta-tester position. That is if you're interested of course

    Thanks in advance!

    No single reply? U serious..
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    Currently scripting a Naruto MMORPG. Progress: 40%.

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