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Thread: Does the real Eva know that negi is using Magia Erebia

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    Re: Does the real Eva know that negi is using Magia Erebia

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuranzyan View Post
    The fact that Al' was telling Eva of Gödel's plans should be proof enough that Eva is more or less aware of everything going on in Mundus Magicus.


    If anything, Eva knows how Negi thinks after having tutored him for so long. Improvement and becoming stronger through whatever means available is typical for him, and Eva knows this.
    I agree on her knowing Rakan. he IS one of the heroes who saved the world, and I don't think that people on their level (Eva, Rakan, Nagi, etc) wouldn't know of each other (I mean, how many monsters can be out there)

    the first part of your reply is what I don't agree with. I suppose it's a matter of interpretation: you believe that Al is telling Eishun and Eva of Godel's plan; I, on the other hand, only think she told her the story between nagi and arika. I agree with Devilen on that Al's is only daring to venture a guess, since he's known Godel for so long, when he said Godel would contact Negi (now that i think about it, did he ever actually say that?) he said something about discovering the secrets of the MW, but he never mentioned Godel by name, right?).

    as for how the old geezer knows Asuna's been captured, notice he says its only a possibility, his guess based on the fact the World Tree is glowing waayy out of schedule

    as for what Eva might or might not know about Negi, I believe the original question is wether she KNOWS or not, not whether she knows him well enough to venture a very educated guess
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    Re: Does the real Eva know that negi is using Magia Erebia

    I was just going to lurk around but I couldn't resist when I saw this thread =)

    IMO the 'scroll Eva' is more like independent being... maybe "shard" of original that was used to create the scroll so she would teach it personally...

    So I think the real one doesn't know... but she might suspect... if she knew that:
    1. Rakan was supposed to pick the group at the gateport (I suppose Negi and co. told her about this)
    2. something happened with all gateports...
    3. Rakan knows about ME (this is speculation, she might not know he had the scroll)
    4. Negi would want to become stronger fast...

    about the situation
    It was probably just that Al was telling the story about Arika×Nagi ... and then they just went to guessing... something like:
    it's about time they found out about truth of MW ->
    then it means they were probably contacted by Kurt...

    oh btw
    As for similarity between Chao's patterns and ME...
    I'm supporter of this theory...
    As far as I've read those Q&A it wasn't denied..
    and the parts on hands looked quite similar to me... you can't really judge by anything other as Negi's patterns were always shown only on arms and back... and Chao's only from front...

    but to put it simply... ME is about to turn Negi into something more than human... so it would not be that strange if his descendants were similar to him, would it...

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