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Thread: Crayon Shin-chan by Yoshito Usui

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    Green Grin Crayon Shin-chan by Yoshito Usui

    Description(from Wikipedia):-

    Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん, Kureyon Shin-chan, also known as Shin-chan) is a Japanese manga and anime series written by Yoshito Usui.

    Crayon Shin-chan follows the adventures of five-year-old Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his parents, neighbors, and friends and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

    Many of the jokes in the series stem from Shin-chan's occasionally weird, unnatural and inappropriate use of language, as well as from his inappropriate behavior. Consequently, non-Japanese readers and viewers may find it difficult to understand his jokes. In fact, some of them cannot be translated into other languages. In Japanese, certain set phrases almost always accompany certain actions; many of these phrases have standard responses. A typical gag involves Shin-chan confounding his parents by using the wrong phrase for the occasion; for example, saying "Welcome back!" ("おかえりなさい") instead of "I'm home!" ("ただいま") when he comes home. Another difficulty in translation arises from the use of onomatopoeic Japanese words. In scolding Shin-chan and attempting to educate him in proper behaviour his parent or tutor may use such a phrase to indicate the correct action.

    The future of the manga is uncertain due to the death of Yoshito Usui in September 2009. An announcement was made on the show on October 16, 2009 that it would continue running into February 2010.
    You can read the first 80 chapters in Mangahelpers.

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    Re: Crayon Shin-chan by Yoshito Usui

    Does anyone know where to get this manga, either online or in a cheap deal paperback. Although the author's team is going to continue working on a sequel, all I'm interested are the 49 volumes Yoshito published.

    Any scanlation group site or online store where I could get this from?

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    Harasho 神のごとし / Kami no Gotoshi / Godlike
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    Re: Crayon Shin-chan by Yoshito Usui

    Kureyon Alliance is scanlating as well as subbing episodes. CMX has released through volume 11 in English, they can be bought through any online store. The book store I work at doesn't bother stocking them anymore but some may.

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    Re: Crayon Shin-chan by Yoshito Usui

    Dudes, adult pictures aren't allowed on this forum.

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