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Thread: Amnesia Labyrinth by Nagaru Tanigawa & Kohane Natsumi

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    Amnesia Labyrinth by Nagaru Tanigawa & Kohane Natsumi

    Quote Quote:
    From the author of in/famous Suzumiya Haruhi Series,

    Souji Kushiki returns home after being away since his middle school graduation, returning to be the family successor when his older brother Kazushi disappears. Upon his return, his three sisters Harumi, Youko and Saki (two being blood related and other being a step-sister) eagerly await his arrival. The sisters each odd and unique in their own way, have a very questionable and mysterious aura about them. They’re relationship with there brother is very close.

    In school the next day Souji is introduced and greeted to his new classmates. He then notices an empty sit with flowers on the desk, hes told its for a student that died over the summer. At the end of homeroom the teacher asks for any volunteers to show Souji around, Yukako Sasai a cheerful and spunky girl volumteers to take the job. The reason she decides to take the job is because she knows of Souji’s family influence and of his academic and athletic abilities and she wants to ask him for his help is her case. The case being about the murder of three students that happened during the summer, one being the student with the flowers on his desk. This is a story about murder and twisted love.
    Artist: Natsumi Kohane
    Author: Tanigawa Nagaru
    Serialized In: ???
    Gerne: Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Seinen

    Only 3 chapters are scanlated So far.

    Online Reading
    [Mangatoshokan][Mangafox] [Mangareader]
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