Well, I see that many of the artist on this site are extremely gifted at coloring. I was just wondering if someone could color a picture of mine for me? I would like it to look like it came out of an anime. I don't want the whole 3D-style feel, I can do that myself. What I'm not good at is the anime-style coloring :P

This picture is here:
Spoiler show

  • Blonde hair.
  • changing his eyebrows to blonde would be nice.
  • vibrant blue eyes.
  • tanned skin. not too tan. just dont make him pale is all.
  • white t.
  • jeans.
  • the Z is platinum. a glare effect would be nice.
  • Adidas headband. logo not drawn in.
  • his right ear looks weird. this is because there is an earring there, it just didn't come out right. covering it up with a round silver(platinum) earring would be nice :P