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Thread: Basic Screentone Correction Tutorial

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    Basic Screentone Correction Tutorial

    I took a few moments to decide to put this together, someone mentioned how impossible screentones were to fix, which really puzzled me (because for me they are easy). So here I will explain an easy way to do this.

    For example in this manga..

    I make use of photoshop, if you do not have photoshop, these will not work as effectively for you.

    Patterns in photoshop are very powerful, and they are also very useful!

    First of all we have this small section of text overwriting out screentone, this looks like it might be hard huh!

    1. Well first off lets just get rid of all that text in there. there is no need to be exact. Over screentones like this I made use of a 5 px brush and my tablet. But a marquee or selection can work just as easily.

    What a pain! Now you have to go and copy and paste over those sections to try and get it to line up! WAIT STOP, there is a better way.

    2. Take out your rectangular marquee tool, and select a nice section that looks as though it will repeat. Perfection isn't a requirement here, but it can help.

    4. Once your there, goto Edit -> Define Pattern. There should be a small preview of the part that will be made into the pattern, make sure it looks right! Then click OK.

    5. Now just select the area that you want the screen tone to be in.
    I use the Magic Wand Tool and a use Select->Modify->Smooth on tones like these to cover the area, others that use a dark pattern throughout may need to be manually selected.

    6. Now using the Pattern Stamp Tool. Select your pattern from the toolbar and brush the area in. You can also use the Paint Bucket Tool here, just set it to use Pattern in the option panel (remember to change it back after your done).

    7. Your Done!

    Please note I used an easy pattern here, but this works even on very complex patterns. You can also use this and the healing brush tool on pattern mode to help correct areas with variable levels of lightness.

    This will not likely line up exactly the same way, but if there are lines interesting areas you can do it even if the old tones did line up (lines break up visual flow), readers (and other editors!) will be none the wiser to your crafty trick.

    Please keep in mind, artists tend to reuse screentones so keep an eye on this when you goto make one, see if you already have for whatever manga you are working on.
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