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Thread: Fight for peace

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    Fight for peace

    I attended, it was so frightening and scary at the time I can't keep knowledge so heavy. It all began one day of war under the "boom" incessant screams in horror, as gusts of fire so noisy, I don't feel at ease. I missed this trip made some time ago. Now okay, I can't go back, it's so unfortunate. And I continued to live under this constant struggle. The days passed, nothing changed, so I took the initiative to go, far from everything "world" abstract, different from the usual life I was leading, so peacefully. One of the few places where I thought I was for peaceful Japan. No attack was brought to this country, so I did my best to get there. But it wasn't so simple. I had to take lots and lots of ways, always so dangerous, so explosive, so monstrous. But nothing was done, I couldn't move anymore. The only way was to enlist in this war and wait for the right time to leave, by boat in this beautiful country.
    So I took up arms and fought the enemy. I went from the rear to the front, this was a change so brutal world! But I wanted this peace we couldn't find in these places in these states, belligerents in these bloodthirsty.

    Two weeks later I got used to this world, those muddy trenches in the hard food. The battle raged against the Germans, but I continued to carry the weapon, and we walked together in solidarity to the march of hope, with only one thought in mind, the end of this devastating war. I took the patterns that each showed soldiers in this bloody forehead, and I explained my days in a newspaper, my newspaper in the colors so beautiful, so soothing, so hot. It changes these weapons so cold, so intoxicating, this front if messy, these clothes so badly damaged and so black.

    The month passed, I still live and I'm happy. For cons, the moral decline, the idea of finding paradise behind these monsters get lost in my thoughts so terrifying, reflecting only the barbarism of this abnormal world. But I persevered in the hope of finding this piece of paradise. In the meantime, I sent letters to my wife, my children, my loved ones and waited and read with happiness and joy these beautiful letters, delicately scented, colored so warmly, so tenderly written. But overnight, nothing. These letters that I loved so much to me reached over my hands covered with blood. Morale was just down the nerves rose, rage overwhelmed me. To find this corner of intoxication as expected, that I should kill these monsters on my way and reach their destination. And we went, so ferociously, rage overcome me and my companions to free ourselves of this evil if we puffed savagely and return to the life of yesteryear.

    Two months later, the emergency door opened for me, I could not help but take it. This boat, exit from I know not where, started directly in Japan. Of course, he was an enemy ship, but it was enough just to change clothes and do little. Nothing too complicated sum. And the journey began. I managed to sleep and dream for hours and hours, something which was scarce in front. And I dreamed of this blue corner of paradise on earth, waiting for me in a few hours and this beautiful dream ended abruptly. I woke up at right edge, and I smiled, an unusual joy. I had arrived. It took me very little time to find me a home and rest.
    The next day got up, I had taken joy in life away from this war. Alas, it was only very short-lasting because the Japanese decided to launch an attack against Americans. What a mistake! It took very little time to these 'Rican-cons to attack.

    August 6, 1945, Hell descends on earth, the nuclear bomb was born and touches us, we, Japanese and myself. A huge explosion took place, the explosion devastated everything in its path. Three days later, here we go again. And then nothing.
    Weeks and weeks passed and still nothing. But I felt bad, very bad. I do not speak Japanese, I could go and heal. But I told myself that a single illness could not help but live. I really resist the war is not what will make me fall. Then, my face changes, my body is filled with buttons, I can not walk or almost, barely talking. Two days later I managed to find myself a French doctor. Bad news, I was contaminated, condemned to die. But I was not alone, all Japanese, condemned because of these bombs so deadly. I went home and waited for the fateful hour. I wrote, I wrote as I could with my family. But quickly, I was paralyzed. It was the end. Goodbye cruel world, goodbye my beloved. Goodbye ...

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    Re: Fight for peace

    I enjoyed this.. it is very poetic... Nice job..

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