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Thread: Alive - The Final Evolution

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    Alive - The Final Evolution

    Well, my first review. Just thought this manga deserves it, hopefully I don't make too much grammar mistakes

    Title: Alive - The Final Evolution
    Genres: Mystery, Supernatural, Action
    Author: Kawashima Tadashi
    Artist: Adachitoka
    Publication: Monthly Shonen Magazine
    Start Date: 2003
    End Date: Ongoing
    Number of chapters at review: 74
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 74

    General Overview: A high schooler named Taisuke is living with his older sister, because his parents died in an accident. He lives a relatively quiet life until a massive surge of suicides around the world begins to spread. Strange phenomena occur around Taisuke, starting from a smiling girl, who jumps from a high building, to a weird person calling himself a "Comrade". As time passes by, he finds out that there is a deeper meaning behind these mass suicides.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 9
    The Art's not that good at first, but it progresses really fast and soon it gets awesome. Both the characters and the backgrounds are drawn very well, detailed, and most time, realistic. It's not like you could describe the Art or the style of drawing, because both change slowly from chapter to chapter.Only on thing is for sure: It's one of the best Art I have ever seen, it's worth a look.

    Plot: 8,5
    Series is well written and has a lot of twists/unexpected events. The Secret behind the mass suicide wave is very complex and the author only reveals a bit from time to time, so you want to keep reading. It has a grim tone at the start, who slightly changes and becomes more lightish. As the storie progresses about the second half, it's getting a bit more simple and shounenlike but it still has a good flow of events. There are times when you think you would know everything and then... bääm the author surprises you with some new revelations.

    Characters: 9
    Just amazing, the characters are developed really well. Nearly every character has an interesting backstory, you can understand their objectives and behaviour. Most of the Antagonists are not pure evils but have their own reason for fighting and there are times when you even empathise with them. Despite the many different characters, their screentime is balanced in a good way and the main hero does not fall behind.

    Theme: 7,5
    The typical shounen themes just as friendship, revenge, loneliness, fight for world's sake etc. mixed with a bit more abstract ones like the meaning of Life and Dead. As I said, it's getting more shounenlike at around the second half of the chapters, but nevertheless the themes are well played out.

    Originality: 8
    The mass suicides are quiet a original "idea" and the overall plot is different from a typical shounen. After the first Arc it's losing some of his originality, but the way the Author tells the story keeps a lot of it .

    Overall: 9
    A very, very good manga from my point of view. Somehow it reminds me of Naruto, even tough the story is totally different. The well written plot and characters + the superb Art made me enjoy the manga the whole time. Maybe there's a rough time reading further between the first few chapters but believe me, it's worth to go on with the story

    Spoiler:  Mainly Taisuke, showing the progress in Art show
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