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View Poll Results: Why couldn't Claire Awaken?

13. You may not vote on this poll
  • Something Priscilla Did

    1 7.69%
  • It's because of Teresea

    3 23.08%
  • It's because of something Rapheala did

    3 23.08%
  • It's because she's only a quarter yoma

    6 46.15%
  • Galetea is saving her again.

    0 0%
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Thread: Claymore Chapter 100 Review

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
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    Claymore Chapter 100 Review

    ok pics are up
    Claymore Chapter 100- Meeting With A Mortal Enemy- Review

    Well folks here we are, at the Milestone 100th chapter of Claymore. And to Celebrate Yagi has Claire finally face off against Priscilla in a chapter that may not advance the plot a lot, but sure is full of action. But before that let me cover the results of last months poll, asking what you all figured was going to happen with these two meeting? Nobody figured anyone was going to die. One person somehow thought they might become friends. Four of you figured Priss was going to kill Helen and Deneve and four of you figured she was going to save them. And six of you believed Claire was going to awaken, a belief that was close, but what we got raised some questions...
    The Players-

    Claire- Our lead. Having finally found Priscilla she's willing to throw her humanity away to take revenge. Still a nicer person that Uchiha Sasuke.

    Priscilla- Our Antagonist. Claire smells familiar, but she just can't place her. About as broken as Aizen.

    Helen And Deneve- Two of Claire's fellow ghosts on the sidelines. Still more useful than most of DBZ's cast in this situation.

    Claire Vs Priscilla Round 1, Or Does Dirt Taste Good?

    We open with Helen and Deneve wondering who this newcomer is. Claire on the other hand knows, and decides to try to attack. As for Priscilla, she's still hungry, and what's to know why Claire smells familiar. She also shows how impressive she finds Claire's assault by casually punting her, and stomping Claire's face into the dirt. Oh, and the Destroyer is still sending out it's spikes. Not that Priss is bothered.
    Well Claire finally gets a shot at revenge. Unsurprisingly Priss is not worried. In fact she joins the illustrious club of individuals that have smashed Claire's face into the dirt. A club that includes Irene, Galatea, and Ophelia. Am I forgetting anyone? Course Priss stands out by using her foot. We also find out that she's still hungry. I'm not sure there's enough guts in the world to fill her up.

    Throw It All Away For Vengeance.

    Helen and Deneve are in shock at this new turn of events. But more importantly Priss is annoyed that Claire is the smell she's been looking for all these years, but she still doesn't remember anything. Personally I find her idea to see if killing Claire jogs her memory a bit dubious. Helen buts in to prevent this, but finds herself needing saving by Claire. Together the two manage to take an arm off, and I suppose that could count as more damage than Alicia and Beth did. And then Claire decides to tell them to go. That she only wanted to see Raki to say goodbye, and that with Priss standing there before her, she will throw away her humanity and awaken if that is what it takes to get revenge.

    So, it seems Claire has decided to prioritize revenge over everything else. In some ways this is sad. If she awakens and does actually kill Priss, that would only make an even deadlier monster to terrioze the land. And although she may have thought that she only wanted to say goodbye to him, I think Claire would have actually acted differently if she were to come face to face with Raki.

    Claire Vs Priscilla Round 2: Did You Mean To Do That?

    Claire proceeds to awaken her limbs like in Pieta, and launch a brutal assault on Priss. But just when it seems like Claire might be able to so some damage, she suddenly and violently reverts back. As Priscilla looms over Claire, she asks if Claire cannot awaken?
    And something goes horribly wrong with Claire's attempt to gain more power from awakening? Just what happened though, isn't clear. Some think it might be something from inside, either the parts of her that are Teresa, or from Raphelea. Others think it was something that results from Claire being one quarter Yoma. Whatever it is, it may have saved Claire's humanity, but what can save her from Priscilla?

    Winner Of The Month-

    Oh, hell, I should just rename this this Priscilla. She's bloody unstoppable.
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    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member gernot's Avatar
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 100 Review

    Two questions, in case anyone wants to offer an opinion:

    Does Priscilla save Clare's life with her first kick? Clare flies into the air and then sees a spike that narrowly misses her. Would it have hit her if Priscilla hadn't kicked her? Is this what Priscilla refers to when she says "Would you stop trying to die before I figure out who you are" ? Or is she simply commenting on the fact that it's suicidal for Clare to attack her?

    Also, it's very unclear to me what happens when Clare tries to awaken. Whose limb gets cut off? Also, Priscilla is getting hit, but it looks as if Clare is taking a lot more damage. My first impression was that this damage was inflicted by Priscilla, but it doesn't really appear that she's doing anything. So did Clare's awakened limbs go berserk and cut herself? I have to say I'm confused about this part...

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 100 Review

    First Question, my opinion is that both are right. It was suicidal for Claire to attack Priss, but Claire is also bieng reckless with another threat in the area. Priss has to worry about accedently killing Claire or Claire getting shafted. She didn't want Claire to die before she figued out who she was.
    As for the Second Question... No clue. That's this month's million dollar question. We'll just have to wait and find out next month.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member HegemonKhan's Avatar
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 100 Review

    1. that's interesting if Priscilla did kick Clare out of the way of the huge projectile.

    Priscilla did the same with Raki too, when they were still together in Ticheri town, Priscilla pulls Raki out of the way just as a huge projectile flies by where he was just standing.

    However, this doesn't make too much sense, as the last chapter, shows Clare able to sense the yoki of every flying huge projectile, enabling her to position Deneve and Helen in safe locations.

    Also, in some of the other battle pics of chapter 100, it actually looks like to me that Clare is using the huge projectiles to her advantage. Rushing and slicing her sword at Priscilla just as a huge projectile goes by Priscilla. Maybe trying to charge in and trick Priscilla into charging into one of the huge projectiles. Maybe trying to hit/knock Priscilla into a huge projectile.

    However, this doesn't make too much sense either, as Priscilla was able to stop the huge projectile with her bare hand (where have I seen this before... DBZ, Bleach,etc), then her tentacles proceeded to destroy it.

    2. I agree that it looks like Clare does cut/do some damage to Priscilla.

    3. However, the two semi-circle holes in Clare, her left shoulder and right leg, are too big to be from Priscilla's tentacles, which I don't see anyways. So those two semi-circle holes in Clare must have been from two projectiles half-missing those areas of her body.

    4. the final "blood" spray, i think actually is merely suppose to be Clare's awakened limbs retracting/withdrawing back into her body.

    (at first, i thought priscilla had tentacle attacked Clare from underneath the ground, as I never saw any tentacles flying at Clare. However, in the next pics, Clare doesn't have holes all over her body and isn't bleeding to death. But, instead her limbs are back to her human/Claymore form, and not awakened anymore)

    *that's an interesting idea of Clare's awakened limbs attacking Clare....

    HOWEVER, Clare's body isn't damaged as it should be if Clare had impaled/sliced herself with her huge blade arms, like we see she does to Jean (at least in the anime, I can't remember if it happens in the manga or not, too lazy to go look up as well). Also, if Clare's awakened limbs had attacked her, she would still have her limbs awakened, yet they are not, her limbs are back to their human/Claymore form.


    i'm actually going back and looking at ch 100. i'm going to assess it (the damage) page by page.

    page 1-2:

    we see the 7 Ghosts in color

    from left to right

    Helen, Clare, Deneve, Tabatha, Miria, Cynthia, and Yuma

    this might mean that all 7 are now in the west (miria and tabatha joined in). or it doesn't, simply asking why/what are these Ghosts fighting for, as it is translated as to be saying.

    page 3-7:

    Priscilla is walknig towards them, the huge projectiles are just missing her. Clare, Helen, and Deneve are holding their positions, being missed by the huge projectiles too.

    page 8:

    Clare impulsively "CHARGES!" like usual.

    (why, why, does Clare now decide to wear panties....)

    a huge projectile goes right between them

    page 9:

    Clare's swing is timed perfectly, to just clear the huge projectile and attack priscilla.

    Priscilla dodges Clare's upward swing.

    we see a projectile *ALMOST* slicing Clare's left shoulder as she is still slicing upwards with her sword.

    Priscilla kicks Clare

    page 10:

    a huge projectile goes by both of them to the side.

    page 11:

    priscilla stomps clare into the ground.

    page 12:

    a huge projectile heads straight at priscilla's head. she stops it with her bare hand and her body isn't pushed/slide backwards at all (what power of priscilla). Priscilla sends out her tentacles into it, destroying it into pieces.

    page 17:

    Helen uses her arm extension to attack priscilla.

    Priscilla jumps out of the way of it (maybe Helen's strong enough to be dangerous to Priscilla, especially with her Drill Sword)!

    Priscilla grabs Helen's arm as her sword is a hair's width from Priscilla's head (so close!).

    page 18:

    freed from Priscilla's foot (lol), Clare charges again, as Priscilla is still holding onto Helen's arm.

    i can't tell if all the "stuff/motion" is Clare's attack, or if there's Clare's downward swing, and the two other "Stuff/motions" are two projectiles going by.

    page 19:

    alright, from a close inspection, this is what i've deduced...

    a huge projectile comes up behind Clare.

    Clare being lower then Priscilla, jumping up to priscilla, gets only her left shoulder taken out.

    Whereas, Priscilla gets her right arm sliced off by the huge projectile.

    page 20:

    priscilla kicks clare to the ground. we see Clare's left shoulder having a chunk missing from it from teh projectile. Priscilla is missing her right arm from the projectile. Clare screams out in pain either and/or both from priscilla's kick and/or her mostly missing left shoulder.

    page 21:

    again, Clare is still screaming out in pain either and/or both from priscilla's kick and/or her mostly missing left shoulder.

    we see priscilla's tentacles regenerating her right arm back.

    page 22:

    Clare stands up and suddenly we see her with a chunk of her right waist (love handle) missing.

    Clare wasn't missing her right waist (love handle) on page 21.

    i'm going to assume, as Clare stood up, a projectile took out her right waist (love handle).


    page 23:

    shows a bunch of projectiles flying by. one of these must have taken out Clare's right waist (love handle) as she stood up.

    page 26:

    Clare releases an explosion of yoki to awaken.

    page 27:

    Priscilla's arm is regenerated.

    we see Clare's arms and legs awakening into their diamond shaped blade form, ripping her clothes.

    page 28-29:

    Clare announces that the Destroyer has STOPPED shooting projectiles and tells Deneve and Helen to run away.

    Clare again impulsively charges Priscilla.

    Priscilla makes an interesting comment: "What's that.."

    page 30-31:

    Clare has her limbs awakened, and is slicing priscilla up. We know this because if you look at the pictures you can clearly see Priscilla's clothing which is very different from Clare's on the body parts that is being shown sliced up in the pictures.

    page 32:

    we see a huge "blood" spray coming out of Clare's body (shoulders/back).

    we also see Clare having her human/Claymore hands and legs back, even though she just had them awakened.

    we don't see any attack/tentacles by priscilla.

    the "blood" spray can't be blood from her own awakened limbs attacking her, because she doesn't have her awakened limbs to be doing that to her. her hands/arms are clearly out in front of her and very human/Claymore, they aren't her blade arms and certainly aren't impaled into her.

    However, maybe her blade arms already sliced her up, before they've reverted into her human/Claymore hands/arms...


    this is hard to determine what is going on....

    page 33:

    the side translation calls it an accident. this seems to suggest that Clare's blade arms did turn on her, and slice her up before they "disappeared".

    but, Priscilla says: "What's that... Weren't.. You not suppose to be able to awaken?"

    This seems to be prety clearly saying Clare was unable to awaken, that her awakened limbs must have retracted/withdrawn back, and her limbs reverted back into her human/Claymore form, which we do see, Clare as having now.
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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 100 Review

    claires spikes didnt retract, they exploded. and after all those years of suppressing yoki, claire should be able to instantly regenerate limbs like her friends did. she is the defensive type also. i think claire is being a jerk, she tried to go out, and that would have turned her into an abysal one, and say she does kill pricilla, then that means she would be soo powerful that all her friends couldnt stop her and she would be what she considered evil.
    im really glad pricilla came back, the new giant monster looked unbeatable, and the two pychic twins look unbeatable too, not only that, the organization has their feeders that killed the kingofthenorth and they look broken and unbeatable. the organization are the bad guys, i hope that pricilla kills them all.

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member gernot's Avatar
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 100 Review

    No, Clare is not offensive, we've seen this clearly before. She can't regenerate anything, at least not without awakening. It looks as if the damage in her shoulder was fixed, but the hole in her side is still there on page 30. From her history and screwed up personality, and judging by how fast she regenerates, I would guess that Priscilla is defensive... Would hate to know how much stronger her attacks could be if she was offensive, lol.

    Regarding Clare not being able to awaken... First of all, Priscilla's sentence is really hard to translate, and second, she can't have all that much insight into Clare. I would interpret her words more along the lines of "Haha, looks like you can't awaken". Therefore, the options in the poll don't make much sense to me. I would also add another one to the list of possible reasons that I don't believe: She can't awaken because she suppressed her youki for too long. Also not true, or Priscilla wouldn't have awakened either.

    I am guessing that her limbs reverted back to normal due to the damage she received - just like Luciela or Riful couldn't maintain their awakened state after receiving a lot of damage.

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