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Thread: Make your own Hyakki Yakko

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    Make your own Hyakki Yakko

    Quote Originally Posted by Sama_al_Azraq View Post
    Please give me suggestion and correction about the list.
    Nura group :
    Spoiler show

    Shikoku :
    Spoiler show

    Toono :
    Spoiler show

    Kyoto :
    Spoiler show

    Other :
    Spoiler show
    Thanks to sama's list, we have an overview of all youkais which have passed the revue:

    Suppose you are a supreme commander, suppose you are allowed to form your hyakki yakko with 10 youkai. Which youkai can exchange sakazuki with you. 10 youkai and you are going to conquer to youkai world, who would you choose to start with and why? (please reason your answer why you choose these youkais)

    Show and discuss everyone's Hyakki Yakko
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    Re: Make your own Hyakki Yakko

    As we know, for Nurarihyon no Mago 2nd anniversary, readers can send their own hyakki yakou to Jump. So I think I would like to make mine too.

    - Shutendouji
    The strongest of the oni, leader of Mt. Oe's Oni. He's straightforward and therefore gullible to cunning tricks, but really powerful. I'll want him for the raid squad leader of my hyakki yakou.
    - Tamamo no Mae
    White-faced gold-furred 9-tailed fox youkai. If Shutendouji is a power-type, she's a magic-type. She can be positioned in the back and attacking enemies from afar.
    - Sutoku Daiten'gu
    Ten'gu of a former emperor that thrown from his throne. He excels at curse. With his power, have the other hyakki weakened before the battle to make the battle more easy.
    - Momiji
    Tsunewakamaru. Daughter of Kureha and granddaughter of Dairoku Tenmaou. With her abundant magic power and her curse that specifically destroys bonds and relationships, enemy's hyakki yakou's faith to their leader can be destroyed and in the end will make the hyakki crumble to pieces.
    - Akuruo
    Aterui, the hero of Ezo tribe. A tactician. He can make the plans for battle against other hyakki and his combat skill also top notch. A reliable ally to have.
    - Yukionna
    Snow woman. Never reject a woman as beautiful as yukionna. Also she can be a battle unit in war time and do household in peace time, a really useful youkai.
    - Hinoenma
    Fire lady. You can burnt the enemies into crisp with her at your side. Although she may burn you too...
    - Ongyouki
    Oni that can erase his presence and ambush enemy. The forefather of ninja. He can lead the ambush unit and spy/scout unit.
    - Nekomata
    Cat youkai. I like cat so if I make a hyakki yakou I'll definitely have one.
    - Kageonna
    Shadow woman. Appears in declined house. Her presence will make another youkais come to the house. So, it'll be easy to make a reliable stock of your hyakki.

    What do you think about my hyakki?

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    Re: Make your own Hyakki Yakko

    i think you all most have them all. cannot wait to see all of them
    i will bite you to death

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