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I didn't say she'd join, just that she would meet them again. Joining is not an option for her, doing so would be harmful to her country. Specially within the context of my theory.... Can you imagine her assisting a reverie and then joining the strawhats? I mean, her joining the strawhats with the world nobles, other kings and marines being there? It can't happen, at least not like that. I doubt vivi could hide her identity, with the WG's magical intelligence gathering abilities she would be spotted on a second. Vivi did not join the strawhats to commit to a specific duty to her country, she is not giving that up. The time to join was 2 years ago when she was young, her nation almost destroyed and the strawhats were at large unknown.
Yeah I do agree it's kinda hard to get her in the crew but I mean King Cobra is still alive and he could or is ruling the kindgom I still don't know why the hell she stayed back. And she asked them if they'll ever meet again then she wants to travel/sail with them like before. And I guess she really wants to! So does Luffy. Maybe they kind of take her from the Reverie back to Alabasta on their own ship. and she'll stay again some arcs. But for one is sure, they'll meet her again and that will be a big thing!