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Thread: Otoyomegatari

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    Title: Otoyomegatari (The Bride's Story; Young Bride's Story)
    Genres: Seinen, Drama, Slice of Life, Historical, Mature, Romance
    Author: Mori Kaoru
    Artist: Mori Kaoru
    Publication: Enterbrain; serialized in Fellows!
    Start Date: 2008
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 9
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 9

    General Overview:

    Amira Hergal, who is from a different tribe over the mountains, has been wedded to an extremely young man by the name of Karluk Ahyan. The marriage was arranged and there was also a distinguishable contrast in age. What complications await this newly wed couple?

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 10

    Mori Kaoru's artistic style is wonderful. She crafted an amazing and beautiful world. Reading another review of Otoyomegatari from a MH peer, it seems that Mori Kaoru does background researched on what she produces. The research that she's done shows in the ethnic clothes in Otoyomegatari. It's marvelously detailed. I can't imagine how much work goes to drawing each and every little scene. It's surely tedious work but it's amazing.

    The body composition were very good. I loved the scene where Amira sat in the bath with her legged crossed. That was a very beautifully drawn scene. There was another scene where Amira was dancing to the music that Karluk was playing. It seemed so artistically lovely. It's so awe inspiring how Mori Kaoru blended in sophisticated detail in with the simplicity of Japanese art.

    Even with all that detail, the layout of the manga was easy to follow. The mangaka did a very good job in presenting the story in a way that allowed the reader to easily understood what was going on.

    Hands down, the art work in this manga is the most exquisite that I've seen.

    Plot: 8+

    I've only read what little releases there are but the plot is tied to the name of the manga. Otoyomegatari is a tale of the life of a young bride. It sure is interesting to see where things progress. I do see potential in this story.

    Characters: 8

    An interesting family of cast members. It's too soon to see how they will develop but the heroine of the story is quite remarkable. She is very skilled yet has that feminine touch.

    Theme: 8

    This story goes to show how strong women can be. Personally, with the advent of feminism and such, the view of the role of a traditional women has been skewed. What amazes me is that when feminism first started, there were some women who were opposed to such idealism. But today, feminism has become broad or that it has widen itself. Of course, the study of the evolution of such ideals are interesting in themselves. Even with that said, the reviewer, himself, has only skimmed the surface of such topics.

    Personally, marriages really brings out the best and of course, the worse in a person. But here, it brings out the best. There have been instances where I have seen the change of a timid girl into a fine and confident woman. The air around such that woman is awesome. The aura they radiate is totally different from when they were unmarried. I believe that one of those reasons could be is that a woman has become complete. Of course, the men might have become more like has-beens seeing how most women wear the pants in the relationship.

    Otoyomegatari also shows that a woman's role is much more than being submissive to her husband. It's hard to explain but Otoyomegatari paints a picture which I would describe as a woman being submissive out of love, being obedient out of love and even willing to step out of bounds because of love. Because of love, a woman is willing to do all that she could for the man she loves most. Likewise, the same is true for the man towards the woman he loves most. To only say "love" feels incomplete. I think it's best to say that when a person loves and cherishes another person, he or she is willing to go the extra mile for the one he or she loves and cherishes.

    Trying to put theme into context is very complex, but Mori Kaoru depiction of it is wonderful in this manga.

    Originality: 9

    Otoyomegatari distinguished itself in that it doesn't take place in modern times nor it is about a marriage that stemmed from romance. It's a romance that stemmed from marriage; a tale of love in the reverse order. That's the peculiar thing about Otoyomegatari but is not uncommon for certain cultures in the world.

    Overall: 10

    From the little that I've read, it's such a pleasure reading Otoyomegatari. It's a heart warming tale that is beautifully illustrated. Even if the story is like a peek into the life of a newly wed couple, it's fascinating to see it through the lens of a strange unfamiliar culture. There are only 9 chapters out as of this review but I can't wait to see how the story plays out for Amira and Karluk.

    Spoiler: Scenes from Chapter 1 show
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