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Thread: Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

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    Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

    Title: Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu ( a.k.a. Boku Kimi)
    Genres: Shoujo, Drama, Romance, School Life
    Author: Aoki Kotomi
    Artist: Aoki Kotomi
    Publication: Shogakukan
    Start Date: 2005
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 34
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 34

    General Overview:

    Born with a frail heart, Takuma might be able to become an adult, but his adult life might be short lived. Still a child, Takuma dreams of becoming an astronaut. Mayu, who befriended Takuma in the hospital, learns that Takuma might not even fulfill his dreams to become an astronaut. Not wanting Takuma suffer such a fate, Mayu took Takuma into a clover patch to find a four leaf clover in order to make a wish. Unable to find a four leaf clover that might grant longevity to Takuma, streams of tears gushed out of Mayu's eyes. In a flurry, a promise was proposed from Takuma to Mayu but will death annul such a promise?

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 7

    The art doesn't seem polished. It's good enough though but it's still lacking. At times it's hard to make out the facial expression from the deformities but it's quite are enjoyable. It's actually my first taste of Aoki Kotomi's style. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I don't read too much shoujo so the art work is all girly and cutesy for me.

    The layout was arranged nicely but Aoki Kotomi could've made better use. For the most part, it was easy to read. Aoki Kotomi still has room to improve, and I hope to see how far she could evolve her style.

    One thing I do have to say is that Aoki Kotomi style for clothing is quite stylish.

    Plot: 8

    This is a tragic love story. From the very start of the story, the end has been set. Nothing could change the course of it and yet, love abounds. With love comes plenty of misunderstandings which provided great humor.

    One thing that I do find annoying and at times insightful are the narration by Takuma. It weakens the story as the narratives could of been expressed by the story instead of using text boxes. With the story moving at such a rapid pace, the narratives were like a window into Takuma's mind. One has to ask though, where is Takuma narrating the story from?

    Characters: 8

    It's painful to read on and watch how the characters act and respond. It all stems from having knowledge that Takuma has a frail heart and that those who love Takuma will encounter a tragic end. Knowing this, those cast members who hold that knowledge behaves upon that knowledge. Two polar behaviors could be observed: oppose and destroy the relationship to prevent the survivor from experiencing tragedy or to support in the relationship to prevent future regrets. Each character that has a significant role earned my respect even if they were there to serve their role.

    One thing that's been bothering me while reading this story was that there wasn't much time to really delve into character building. It seems like the mangaka was much more interested in the story itself or the meat of the matter instead of upon the relationship between Takuma and Mayu.

    Theme: 10

    Love is very powerful. It's been said that love is strong as death. In this manga, Aoki Kotomi has prepared two individuals to play out their love for one another when one of them won't live past a fifth of a century. The important thing is that at least you have love and was loved.

    Originality: 7

    I haven't encountered too much tragic love tales like this but I think the Korean dramas made me tired of such tragedy. It makes one think whether pursuing an Asian girl is worth it? From watching these Korean dramas, they seem to frail. They get sick and just die. Truthfully, I've only seen two Korean dramas and two Japanese series but that's the impression I get. Well, actually, it's more like the ones who are keepers get sick and die. The ones that are left are ... let's not go there shall we?

    Reading Boku no Hatsuki wo Kimi ni Sasagu from the male perspective was interesting. For awhile now, I have been wondering how does a relationship like these start and progress? Especially, if the person had the disease from an early age. I guess I know now.

    Overall: 9

    A very emotionally charged manga. The description drew me in, and I found reading Boku Kimi entertaining. The development of the love between the male and female leads were interesting. It kept me reading as how things will continue even if the end might be disastrous. And because the main focus is the relationship between the two, the mangaka isn't wasting any time with trying to draw out the manga for the sake of exploring the relationship. The relationship is established; the two loves each other; what will happen? Straight with little to no gimmicks.

    Lastly, this is the only manga that I've seen a girl do something contrary to how a girl should present herself. Or perhaps, it portrays women in a realistic way that is unbelievable? This made Boku wo Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu a winner in my books. I don't want to give it away, but there is a special scene in the this manga that when I came upon it, made my day.

    Spoiler: Pictures from Chapter 1 show
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