Title: Zettai Karen Children
Genres: Shounen, Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Drama, Anime
Author: Shiina Takashi
Artist: Shiina Takashi
Publication: Shogakukan (Shounen Sunday)
Start Date: 2005
End Date: Ongoing
Number of chapters at review: 4 short themes chapters, 1 pilot chapter, one omake special chapter, 207 chapters
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 213

General Overview:
In 21st century, the numbers of the espers had been increased, and their appearances are no longer stranger to the societies around the world. The ESP powers are divided into 7 levels, which level 7 is the most unpredictable and superior, however this kind of esper is very rare.

In Japan, there are 3 young little girls hold these LV7 ESP power. They are Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami and Shiho Sannomiya, and they worked as special agent espers under B.A.B.E.L (Base of Backing ESP Laboratory). Their team is called as "The Children" and their commander supervisor is a genius, namely Minamoto Kouichi.

Their mission are like catching criminals, lifesaving operations, prevent disaster by any mean. Still, one day...Minamoto saw a prediction from a LV7 Dolphin Esper that lead to a cruel fate between him and The Children in the future...

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

If you read GS Mikami before, you can see that Shiina's art style for this series in the start are somehow familiar with it. Yet he has improved more on it, and it becomes more tidy than before. He is good in doing repeat panels for jokes and comedy. Most backgrounds are very well detailed, and he's good in using tones.

Using Espers for a plot may not that refreshing, but adding 3 female children with some twisted personalities are something new^^. The plots in the very start are short, but later it has longer arc stories that usually came up from 4 to 8 chapters. Even thought it was shonen type, you will see romantic and drama scenes more than action scenes^^

Same with GS Mikami, the earlier art style for the characters in ZKC was familiar. But he has improved more than ever and made the female characters look cuter and MOE(?) and the male character more handsome and charming(?) XD. Each character are well drawn and they bring strong images to the readers so they won't find them as strangers.

You may hard to find the real theme for this series. It wasn't only for "Friendship" and "Love", but it's more focusing on "Future For Children". The themes focused on how The Children will grow up and learn more things in slice of life and love problems(?) XD.

Shiina created a well esper systems that let you know all the types and the levels. Combining espers powers in battle and how ESP power can affect the world are the best parts. Of course, not to mention that how the love between 2 persons who had 10 years dfferences to be developed is also an interesting part.

Friendship, Love Romance, Drama, Actions, Comedy...You won't see something like this series that included many elements in it XD. The story are well scripted and the balance of the flow are very good. Every arc story will surely connected to the main story and won't went off the trails. You can be caught in surprise just when you think the flow has come to your prediction but Shiina managed to turn the table^^. Also, since this series is also comedy, when it came to CHAOS, it will be CHAOS XD. So if you love supernatural, or comedy love story, this series is worth to be read.

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