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Thread: Royal Manga Thread

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    Royal Manga Thread

    Welcome to Royal Manga Thread.
    Royal Manga are English/Indonesian Scanlations group.
    The founder of Royal Manga are SeuneuCaang, Kumokaway, and angelsholic. All three of Us are Indonesian.

    Privacy Policy of Our Scanlations
    01. Do NOT mirror nor re-host Our Scanlations!
    You may NOT upload Our Scanlations to any file hoster.
    You may NOT upload Our Scanlations to any online viewer.

    02. Do NOT reveal Our Scanlations' Direct-Download-Link!
    You may NOT post MediaFire link of Our Scanlations.
    We might mirror it elsewhere beside MediaFire, so you may NOT post the Direct-Download-Link any of these link.
    You MAY post the MangaHelpers link (the "Details" link) of Our Scanlations.
    You MAY post the MangaHelpers ReadOnline link of Our Scanlations.

    03. Do NOT use Our Cleans without permission!
    Read the guidelines below.

    Guidelines for using Our Cleans
    01. Do NOT use Our Cleans for English/Indonesian release!
    You may ask for join (co-release) if you wish to release in English/Indonesian.

    02. Notify Us!
    PM/e-Mail SeuneuCaang. Do NOT wait for Our reply.
    The message must contain your name, your group, the cleans you are using, and which language you are going to release it.

    Spoiler: Message Example show
    We shall (might) not reply your message, but you have completed one conditions.

    03. Add Our credit page to your release!
    If you are using typesetted Cleans (Released version of Cleans Scanlations), add the credit page!
    If you are using UN-typesetted Cleans (the link are below), add the credit page!
    After obeying 01, 02, and 03, you may use Our Cleans.

    Our rule might change, please check!

    Clean Scanlations Download Link

    Thank you very much.
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